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June 22, 2018

Whether dealing with used tires or township traffic enforcement, lawmakers are working to make our roads safer. The Ohio legislature introduces hundreds of pieces of legislation in each session. Among the many proposed new laws, there are several that directly affect Ohio drivers.

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House Bill 95 Would Enhance Distracted Driver Penalty

Distracted driving has become a primary cause of accidents. House Bill 95 would enhance the penalty for moving violations when distracted. Under the proposed legislation, if a driver is distracted while involved in a crash and that distraction contributed to the accident, the distracted driver is subject to additional fines.

House Bill 293 Seeks to Extend Temporary Permits for New Drivers

Teen drivers are especially susceptible to accidents. House Bill 293 would extend the temporary instruction permit phase for new drivers to 12 months. This means that new drivers must have their temporary license for a full year rather than six months. The proposed legislation also raises the age to obtain a license to 16 and a half years.

Making the law more stringent for new drivers protects all of us. But, accidents can still occur. If you or your teen are in a serious car crash, you should reach out to an experienced Ohio car accident lawyer to explore your legal options.

House Bill 646 Will Increase Penalties for Reckless Drivers

House Bill 646 aims to heighten penalties imposed on drivers who disregard laws regarding school buses. Under current Ohio law, drivers are required to stop within 10 feet of the front or rear of a school bus when it is stopped to pick up or drop off students. Drivers should not proceed until the bus resumes driving or the bus driver signals it is okay to do so.

All too often, drivers disregard school bus stop signs putting students and other drivers at risk. If enacted, House Bill 646 should deter such negligence by increasing fines and penalties for those who fail to stop and have had a previous violation in the past five years.

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