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December 16, 2014

As snowplow operators are well aware, snowplowing is hard – and dangerous – work. Long hours, bitter temperatures, and the stress of running heavy equipment can all take its toll on drivers and lead to accidents and injuries if they’re not careful, and if other drivers aren’t careful too.

Below are some basic safety tips for driving around snowplows this winter season.

Safety Tips for Driving around a Snowplow

If you encounter a snowplow on the road, remember some basic safety tips to stay safe and avoid an accident.

First, don’t try to pass a snowplow. It can be a little frustrating driving behind a relatively slow moving vehicle, but passing could be dangerous. The blades from the snowplow stick out from the sides of the vehicle itself, and some drivers may strike the blades when attempting to pass. Also remember that the snowplow is there to make the road safer; it’s easier to drive on a road cleared by a snowplow than one that the snowplow hasn’t yet cleared.

Keep a good following distance behind the snowplow. If the snowplow is working, then the conditions on the road are snowy and wet. If the snowplow has to come to an abrupt stop, you may not have enough stopping distance if you follow too closely. So although the snowplow may be traveling relatively slowly, try to maintain a good distance to give yourself enough time to stop if necessary.

If you’re not in your car when you see a snowplow approaching, move away from the side of the road. The snowplow push snow onto the sides of the road; if you’re in this area, the snow may cover you and you may become stuck. So avoid the sides of the roads when a snowplow is passing, and tell your children and family to do the same.

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