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April 9, 2018

As the weather gets warmer, you’re likely experiencing a little spring fever. If you’re itching to get out and enjoy the nice weather, taking a road trip might be the perfect cure. Before you hit the road, make sure to check out the following list important spring break road trip safety tips, which were put together by the Ohio personal injury attorneys at Kisling, Nestico & Redick.

Tips for Your Best Spring Break Road Trip

When you’re traveling to your spring break destination, be sure to keep the following in mind to ensure your safety while you celebrate:

Give your car a thorough inspection.
Make sure your car is as ready to go as you are. Take it into a mechanic for a tune-up, have all the important parts inspected, and get an oil change.

Make sure your tires – and your spare – are in good condition.
The tires are just as important as your car’s internal parts. Check with your mechanic to ensure your tires can handle the miles you’re about to put on them. Don’t forget your spare. No matter how reliable your tires are, you could still puncture one by driving over a deep pothole or a screw. If that happens, you’ll have to rely upon your spare tire to get you off the side of the road.

Pack an emergency kit.
You can find a ready-made roadside assistance kit at a car parts store. These generally include jumper cables, a flashlight, batteries, sealant for flat tires, and many other important products. Some of these include first aid kits. If the one you purchased doesn’t, buy one separately.

Take turns driving to avoid fatigue.
The best part of any road trip is sharing it with others. It gives you a chance to catch up and enjoy a vacation together. It also allows you to share the driving responsibilities. Fatigued drivers can be just as dangerous as drunk drivers. Driving when you’re sleep-deprived greatly impairs your ability to think or react quickly, and doing so can cause more accidents. Make sure each driver gets a break to rest properly so you can safely reach your destination.

Bring a GPS (and a back-up).
Many cars are now manufactured with a built-in GPS system, making map-reading a thing of the past. What’s more, your cell phone is also likely equipped with a GPS system. Both of these are vital for a road trip because they will keep you on the right path. Technology isn’t perfect, however, and if you find yourself traveling through a particularly rural area, you could lose your signal. As a precaution, you may want to print out a paper version of your directions.

Practice safe driving.
Practicing safe driving habits is perhaps the most important of all the spring break road safety tips. Good driving is the best way to get you to your vacation in one piece. Specifically, be sure to maintain a safe speed, keep your eyes one the road, avoid texting and driving, avoid drinking and driving, switch drivers if you’re feeling tired, and wear your seat belt.

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