Securing Your Rights after a Mass Transit Accident | KNR
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Date posted
February 6, 2015

Public transportation companies are supposed to provide reliable, affordable and safe transportation to the many residents and visitors in Ohio. While many Ohioans are very familiar with the benefits of mass transit, they also know about the accidents and injuries that sometimes occur. Aside from that, there are cases of traffic accidents involving tour buses, motor coach carriers, taxis and even trains. The potential outcome of a mass transit accident tends to be more serious and catastrophic than ordinary car crashes. It may result in property damages, incapacitating injuries and fatalities.

Our Summit-based law firm has seen different types of mass transit accidents. Those accidents can mar the reputation of the whole public transit system, particularly if the incident arises from the negligence of a bus driver or the non-compliance of the mass transit company with common safety standards. Unfortunately, before public officials recognize the safety issues related to some public transportation systems, people’s lives are already at risk. In fact, many people either are seriously injured, or die every year as a result of mass transit accidents.

We understand the challenges associated with getting injured in a mass transit accident. We also provide proper and adequate information to mass transit accident victims that help them realize and exercise their rights. For example, any safety violation committed by a bus company can be considered negligence. Poor maintenance of the vehicle, driving errors and bus part defects might contribute to an accident as well. Our firm will conduct a thorough investigation in an accident in order to build a case and protect a victim’s interests.

Personal struggles caused by a mass transit accident can be difficult for both victims and their families. Fortunately, the guidance we can provide to these families may help them recognize their rights in the case. We may be able to help mass transit victims seek a reasonable amount of compensation as well.