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March 16, 2017

Vehicle recalls are a growing problem. Almost every day, a vehicle manufacturer announces certain years of a certain make and model have a specific issue that needs to be repaired. In early March, for instance, Daimler AG announced it was recalling more than 300,000 Mercedes-Benz vehicles across the U.S. because of a fire risk from a defective fuse. So far there have been no injuries or deaths. However, there have been 30 fires reported in the country. At the same time, General Motors is recalling 2017 Buick LaCrosses since the electrical connectors within the power steering may not be properly sealed. Moisture can erode the connectors and lead to drivers losing power steering. These are only two of hundreds of vehicle recalls affecting Ohio drivers.

According to ABC 6 On Your Side, one in four vehicles in central Ohio has an unrepaired recall issue. This poses a major safety issue for Ohio motorists, passengers, and pedestrians. Unaddressed car recalls can lead to accidents, injuries, and fatalities. The recall can even affect who is liable for the accident and who compensates the victims. If you were involved in a crash resulting from an unrepaired recall issue, you should contact the experienced Ohio car accident lawyers of Kisling, Nestico & Redick at 1-800-HURT-NOW.

Drivers Are Experiencing Recall Fatigue

A major reason vehicle recalls are a growing concern is that people are ignoring them and not getting their cars fixed. There are now 63 million unaddressed car recalls in the U.S, according to Carfax. This is a 34 percent increase from unaddressed recalls in 2016.

Why are this many recalled vehicles going unfixed? There have been so many vehicle recalls in the last couple of years that individuals are experiencing recall fatigue. They either do not take notice of recall news anymore, or they hear of a recall for their vehicle and choose to drive without making the repair.

Unfortunately, recall fatigue is dangerous. When individuals ignore recall news, they remain unaware of potentially dangerous issues with their own cars. Additionally, if they knew there are current recalls for their vehicles and simply never take their vehicle in, they could be shifting liability for an accident to themselves.

Other Issues Leading to Unaddressed Car Recalls

In addition to recall fatigue, there are a number of issues causing people to forgo a trip to the dealership and drive a recalled vehicle, including:

  • Busy schedules: Between work or school and family commitments, it can be difficult for individuals to take time out of their busy schedules to get to the dealership or certified mechanic. Some recalls take hours or days to fix, which may require a rental vehicle.
  • The expense: Recall issues are free to fix, however, that does not make them entirely cost free. Many individuals have to take time off work to get to and from a mechanic. They may also have to pay for a rental vehicle or Uber out-of-pocket. Manufacturers advertise the free repair, yet it is unlikely that addressing a recall does not cost the driver time and money.
  • Recalls seem unimportant: Manufacturers often downplay the potential consequences of a recall issue. However, many recalls could lead to more serious accidents and injuries than drivers realize from brief matter-of-fact recall notices on the news.

Drivers Should Fix Recall Issues

There are many reasons why people do not have their vehicles fixed when there have been recalls. However, drivers should remain vigilant. Depending on the recall issue, it could lead to accidents or increase the risk of drivers or passengers being injured. Manufacturers do not issue recalls if there is not a genuine safety issue. When a recall is officially issued by a company, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

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