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December 21, 2018

Situated in Northeast Ohio, Portage County is approximately 30 miles south of Cleveland and covers 504 square miles. It is home to Nelson-Ledges State Park, Tinkers Creek State Park, Sunny Lake, Thorncreek Winery, and the Kent State University Museum.

The statistics in the area also show that car accidents are a frequent occurrence in Portage County. As experienced and aggressive Cleveland car accident lawyers, we want people to be informed, and if you sustain an injury in a Portage County car accident, contact Kisling, Nestico & Redick right away.

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Fatal Crashes in Portage County

Fortunately, the number of fatal car accidents in Portage County has shown a decrease over the years. While there were 12 fatal crashes in 2016, there were nine in 2017 and five so far in 2018. In 2018, three of the fatal accidents involved driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, one was related to commercial vehicles, and one had to do with motorcycles. Two of the collisions occurred in rural areas while three took place in urban environments.

Recent Portage County Accidents

Here’s a closer look at a few of the serious accidents that recently happened in Portage County and led to injuries as well as fatalities:

  • The first fatal Portage County crash occurred in March 2018 when a man failed to yield to traffic as he traveled westbound through the intersection of Howe Road and Route 43. He was struck by another vehicle and died later that day at Akron City Hospital.
  • When a motorcycle and a vehicle collided in May 2018 on Route 14 outside the Windmill Lakes Golf Course in Ravenna, the second vehicle fatality of the year took place. The motorcycle hit a vehicle pulling out of a driveway and the rider passed away. Alcohol was likely a factor in this accident.
  • In August 2018, a woman was lost her life when she was driving her Hyundai Elantra eastbound on US 10, attempted to turn her vehicle around in a median, and was struck by a Chrysler Town and Country, which was traveling eastbound as well.

Tips for Safe Driving in Portage County

After the first few fatal crashes of the year occurred, Portage County board members discussed the importance of continuing to educate all drivers, passengers, and pedestrians on safe driving. Several tips for safe driving in Portage County include:

  • Use turn signals: The importance of turn signals should not be overlooked. Drivers should get into the habit of using them every time they are about to change lanes or merge with traffic.
  • Avoid distracted driving: Texting, fumbling with radio or climate controls, eating, and drinking are all examples of distracted driving that can lead to serious accidents.
  • Increase driving distance when behind a motorcycle: When behind a motorcycle, drivers should maintain a driving distance of at least four seconds so they have time to react to unexpected maneuvers.
  • Check blind spots often: Since motorcycles are smaller than cars, it can be easy for them to fall into blind spots. For this reason, it’s wise to check blind spots regularly, especially before changing lanes.
  • Follow speed limits: Speeding is one of the leading of car accidents. Drivers who tend to speed often should get into the habit of leaving early so they aren’t in a rush to get to their destinations.

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