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March 27, 2014

As the weather becomes warmer, it becomes more conducive to motorcycling and other outdoor activities. In Ohio, many residents of Summit will be revving their motorcycles during the warmer months for beautiful spring rides, but they should be careful. Although not many motorcycles are involved in the total number of vehicular accidents, motorcycle accidents account for many traffic fatalities.

Because of this trend, the Ohio State Highway Patrol is reminding the public and motorcycle operators to be prepared for motorcycles on the road. Crashes involving motorcycles accounted for 166 deaths in 2011; not far from the 163 motorcycle fatalities recorded in 2012. Figures for 2013 have not yet been released by the Ohio Department of Public Safety. However, Summit County is not one of the top four Ohio counties for motorcycle accident deaths.

Similar to other motorists, motorcyclists are also liable for their own safety. A motorcyclist can wear protective gear, such as a helmet and reflective clothing, and should always follow traffic rules and focus on the road.

However, although motorcyclists should look after their well-being on the road, other motorists should also be cautious. Motorcycle awareness is a big factor in avoiding motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles are smaller and can be difficult to spot in traffic. Additionally, other factors such as drugged or drunk driving, failure to yield, speeding and improper turns can increase the chances of a motorcycle crash.

A motorcyclist is at a greater disadvantage when involved in an accident with a bigger vehicle due to inadequate protection, which in the event of a collision, can easily translate to serious or fatal injuries often costly and emotionally devastating.

In the event that a negligent driver causes a motorcycle accident injury or death, that driver is liable to pay compensation. The victim may file a personal injury lawsuit to compel the negligent party to do so.

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