OSHP on Alert After Ohio Commercial Vehicle Accidents Surge | KNR
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Date posted
March 20, 2014

Trucks and other commercial vehicles play a crucial role in the local economy by transporting goods and products in and around Summit, Ohio. Unfortunately, because of negligence, some of these commercial vehicles are involved in accidents that can have costly and devastating outcomes.

To curb the occurrence of truck accidents in the state, the Ohio State Highway Patrol is on constant watch for trucking safety violators. Commercial vehicle accidents in the first quarter of 2014 have already killed 12 people and left 500 others injured. Teams have been assigned to locations where there has been an increase in the number of accidents. In Madison County alone, OSHP suspended 40 percent of the commercial trucks and drivers in just four days.

Initiatives similar to this can help prevent the occurrences of truck accidents. However, commercial vehicle accidents involving trucks, buses, taxis or vans can happen anytime.

Although there are fewer trucks than cars on the road, their size and weight can easily translate into serious injuries or fatalities in an accident. These injuries can be accompanied by substantial hospital expenses, lost wages, funeral costs and other damages.

Truck drivers are also liable for the safety of others on the road and they should drive with caution. Negligence, which includes speeding, drunk or drugged driving, failure to yield and driver fatigue, can all result in an accident. Additionally, a trucking company can be also held liable if it fails to hire qualified workers, follow federal and state trucking regulations and regularly maintain their vehicles.

Dealing with injuries or fatalities due to a commercial vehicle accident is difficult. Fortunately, the victim or the victim’s family has the right to seek compensation from a negligent driver or trucking company.

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