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June 1, 2020

June is National Safety Month and at KNR, we are following the National Safety Council’s lead to provide relevant and useful resources aimed at saving lives and preventing injuries.

In our experience representing car accident victims across Ohio, we want to address the fact that over 93% of car crashes result from human error and how safer roads are achievable through awareness, training, and action.

If you or a loved one are injured in a car wreck, caused by another driver’s negligence, feel free to call KNR at 1-800-HURT NOW to discuss your rights and options. Initial consults are always free and there’s no risk because there’s no up-front costs.

Common Errors that Result in Car Accidents

According to statistics from the Ohio Department of Public Safety, someone is injured in a crash in Ohio every 5.2 minutes. These accidents result in tremendous financial loss and personal pain and suffering for the victims. By understanding what leads to collisions, we can work to correcting dangerous behaviors.

The most common driving errors drivers are:

Aren’t Cars Safer Now?

There’s no doubt that today’s vehicle safety systems, like motion sensors, automatic braking, lane assist, and rear cameras make cars a lot safer. However, these and other safety features are no replacement for human drivers. People need to be aware and are still the best safety feature of a large vehicle.

Pedestrian Fatalities Continue to Rise

While safety features and national initiatives against distracted and drunk driving has reduced the total number of fatal accidents for drivers and passengers, non-occupants have been less fortunate. According to the NHTSA, fatalities among pedestrians and bicyclists have increased to 30 year highs across the country.

It’s unclear exactly what is causing the spike in pedestrian-car accident fatalities. It could be related to people driving less overall and there are simply more people walking and biking. But, whatever the reason, while cars themselves are safer, that dangerous driving behaviors remain a problem.

Ohio Safe Driver Resources

The Ohio Department of Public Safety offers some very useful programs that support and encourage safe driving practices, including:

Hurt in a Car? Call KNR

In the spirit of National Safety Month, we want to make Ohio roads as safe as possible for you and your family, but we also recognize that reckless drivers are still a reality.

As one of the largest personal injury firms in Ohio, KNR has the knowledge experience, and resources to help after an accident. We also know the toll a crash can have in your life. From medical bills to car repairs, lost earnings, and more.

So if you or a loved one are injured and want to discuss your right to recover compensation, call 1-800-HURT NOW for a free, no-risk consultation.