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December 7, 2018

Life can become very difficult if you or a loved one are hurt by a negligent doctor, and thousands in Ohio seek compensation from their healthcare providers every year for malpractice – related injuries. However, many more fail to do so. This is likely due to injuries going unnoticed or malpractice victims waiting too long to act. Over the last several years, it has become more apparent that patients are having a harder time recovering compensation for medical negligence, and unfortunately, medical malpractice statistics paint a troubling picture of Ohio health care. If you or a loved one suffered adversely due to negligent care, a skilled Ohio medical malpractice lawyer can help.

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Medical Caps Make Malpractice Suits Very Difficult

Being hurt by a negligent doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or dentist can be devastating. Your bills can be significant, and you may need extensive medical attention for a long time. It’s important to get as much compensation as you are entitled to. However, building a strong case for medical malpractice compensation can be complex. It is essential for your lawyer to demonstrate exactly what happened. In addition to understanding every detail of your injury, your lawyer is required to consult with an expert witness if you are ever going to file your malpractice suit in court. This can be costly, and it requires having a lawyer who is very experienced in medical cases.

Evidence shows that Ohio’s medical malpractice caps make it less likely for an injured person to file a suit for damages. This can be seen by the fact that malpractice actions in Ohio have been greatly reduced since tort reform was introduced in 2003. The Ohio Department of Insurance reports that there were over 5,000 filed malpractice claims in Ohio in 2005. However, this has been almost cut in half, and there were only 2,733 claims filed and closed in the state in 2012.

Medical malpractice claims in Ohio are capped at $350,000 per plaintiff and $500,000 total per occurrence. Many lawyers who are inexperienced in these lawsuits may refuse to take your case if they believe that it will be too time-consuming and costly for their firm. However, our attorneys have successfully recovered for many injured clients.

KNR understands how important it is to receive compensation for the following:

  • Past and future operations and doctors’ visits
  • Ongoing physical and emotional therapy needs
  • Lost wages and lost future earning potential
  • Modifications necessary for home or vehicle
  • Disability and emotional distress

Ohio’s Statute Of Limitations Makes Malpractice Suits More Complex

Ohio’s statute of limitations law is meant to prevent defendants from being sued for something in the distant past. However, Ohio medical malpractice actions must be made within one year of the injury or the date when treatment with the doctor in question ended. This is an extremely short amount of time for a malpractice lawyer to investigate their client’s case.

The following must all occur before one year passes:

  • You suffer an injury due to careless treatment from your doctor
  • You call a lawyer who must investigate your injuries and contact witnesses
  • Your lawyer must file an affidavit of merit regarding your injury, as required by Ohio law
  • Your lawyer must negotiate for a settlement while also preparing for court.

The statistics regarding medical malpractice in Ohio are unsettling while also being slightly misleading. The Ohio Department of Insurance reports that only about 20 percent of claims recover compensation. However, this is due to the fact that many injured patients have to sue numerous doctors and medical professionals in their action to recover from one injury. This is because the statute of limitations greatly reduces the amount of time a lawyer can investigate who is responsible for the harm. Therefore, it is much more likely that a lawyer will seek to sue numerous people, even if they only end up winning damages from one of them. Given the complexity and serious time constraints present in your case, it’s highly advisable to not delay in finding a lawyer with significant medical malpractice experience.

A Lawyer From Kisling, Nestico & Redick Can Help

Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit can become very complex, very quickly. Your lawyer must act fast, and understand how to recover all of the damages that you deserve. Medical malpractice statistics in Ohio show how difficult these cases can be, even for people who have been seriously hurt. By having a veteran lawyer, you can navigate every aspect of your malpractice claim. Given our state’s statute of limitations law, we advise you to seek experienced legal help without delay.

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