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April 23, 2018

Westlake may be a small suburb of Cleveland, but it has its fair share of traffic issues. The city is flanked by Interstate 90 and State Route 20/Center Ridge Road, with several major roadways in between. Because of its proximity to downtown Cleveland, many residents chose to move there to enjoy a safe community with the added benefit of a short commute to work. Having so many cars travel the roadways each day means the chance of getting into an accident increases. In fact, there are some intersections to avoid in Westlake if you’re looking to diminish your traffic concerns.

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Avoid these Westlake, Ohio Intersections

There are many dangerous intersections in Westlake, including:

Canterbury Road and Center Ridge Road
Where Canterbury and Center Ridge roads cross has long been considered the most dangerous intersection in all of Westlake. It’s been reported that there were 38 crashes at this four-way intersection in just two years. That’s equivalent to over 12 accidents a year, which is four times higher than other intersections with a similar amount of traffic.

The fact that Canterbury Road has a 20 percent incline on both sides makes it difficult for drivers to see what oncoming traffic is trying to do. Neither road has designated turn lanes, so trying to turn becomes a burdensome task. The intersection is so bad that the city is taking action. Instead of having the roads intersect, a roundabout will be added to control traffic. City engineers estimate this roundabout will reduce the number of crashes to 1.5 per year.

Columbia Road and Detroit Road
This intersection averaged nearly 27 car accidents in two years, making it a perilous area of the city. It’s possible that the intersection will be up for improvements in the future, especially because of its location. When engineers study roadways in need of improvement, they look at the surrounding areas as well as the actual road. Because Columbia and Detroit are so close to I-90, whose ramps are already part of an engineering study, the intersection might be poised for some enhancements as well.

Bradley Road and Detroit Road
Bradley and Detroit roads are dangerous both because of the traffic and their condition. The city proposed a project to help with each problem. The plan is to replace the underground water main and update the sewer drains, resurface the road, and improve the sidewalks and curbs nearby. Officials also want to widen Detroit Road from its current three lanes to five lanes, adding new traffic controllers and signals to the area. All of the efforts are believed to improve the flow of traffic in that area, which helps reduce the amount of accidents that occur.

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