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March 21, 2018

A class action lawsuit allows one or more people to sue on behalf of a group of hundreds or thousands of people who suffered the same type of injury caused by the same organization. Class action lawsuits require fewer lawyers and other various resources than if each person files an individual lawsuit. They also streamline the legal process, promote the fair distribution of awards, and create consistency in judgments. To learn more about what it takes to join a class action lawsuit, continue reading below.

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How to Find Out About Class Action Lawsuits

If there is a class action lawsuit, the court will require everyone affected by it to be notified. In the event you are included in the class, you will receive a class notice in the mail informing you of the lawsuit. If the case settles, you’ll receive another notice through the mail that will let you know how to claim your portion of the settlement. It is important to keep in mind that you will have the opportunity to opt out of the lawsuit if you wish.

In addition to class notices, people find out about class action lawsuits through the Internet or other forms of media. If you learn about a class action lawsuit through a media outlet and do not receive a class notice, you may still join if it applies to you. The media outlet will mention specific directions on how you can become part of the lawsuit. You can also contact an Ohio class action lawsuit lawyer for guidance.

Does It Cost Money to Join a Class Action Lawsuit?

Sometimes, people are hesitant to join a class action lawsuit because they believe it will cost them money. Fortunately, you can join a class action lawsuit and receive a portion of the settlement if it settles without paying any legal fees. The legal team handling the lawsuit typically works on a contingency basis, meaning they will be paid a certain percentage of the settlement if they win the case.

How to Find Class Action Lawsuits to Join

If you believe there may be a class action lawsuit pertaining to an injury that you’ve suffered, make sure to browse the Internet. Class action lawyers who are involved in class action lawsuits usually create web pages that provide detailed information about the lawsuit, class certification, and how members can join.

To find these types of pages, visit a search engine and type in the phrase class action along with the company or product name. For example, if you type in “class action ADT home security,” information about the recent class action lawsuit will appear.

Damages You Can Recover in a Class Action Lawsuit

Through a class action lawsuit, you may be able to collect compensation for the following damages:

  •         Medical costs
  •         Loss of income
  •         Disability
  •         Disfigurement
  •         Pain and suffering
  •         Mental anguish
  •         Loss of consortium

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