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May 14, 2018

Ohio amusement parks, such as Cedar Point and Kings Island, are enjoyable places for people of all ages. While some parks are known for their water rides, others are admired for their thrilling roller coasters. However, sometimes a trip to an amusement park ends in a severe injury or even fatality because of an unsafe ride.

The good news is that Tyler’s Law may improve the safety of amusement park rides in Ohio. If you’ve been injured or lost someone you love because of a dangerous amusement park ride, contact our experienced Ohio personal injury lawyers at Kisling, Nestico & Redick today at 1-800-HURT-NOW for a free, initial consultation.

An Overview of Tyler’s Law

In 2017, 18-year-old Tyler Jarrell was killed in an accident at the Ohio State Fair. Jarrell’s death was the result of a Fire Ball ride. This ride was designed to swing riders 40 feet in the air while spinning them at 14 revolutions per minute. According to the ride’s manufacturer, KMG, the excessive corrosion of a support beam caused the ride to break.

Nine months after this fatal accident, Tyler’s Law has been introduced by Ohio Representatives John Patterson and Jim Hughes. This law is meant to help prevent injuries and fatalities that arise because of malfunctioning rides at amusement parks and fairs.

Tyler’s Law requires hiring more state inspectors and gives preference to individuals who have the education and experience to consider themselves professional engineers. It would also mandate the Ohio Department of Agriculture to keep ride manuals on file so inspectors could study them while enforcing the voluntary safety standards by the American Society of Testing and Materials.

Also, Tyler’s Law fines ride owners who do not comply and order them to keep more detailed logs of any repairs and maintenance performed on their rides. If Tyler’s Law is approved, it immediately goes into effect.

How to Prevent Amusement Park Injuries

Here are several steps you can take as an amusement park guest to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from dangerous rides:

  • Obey rules: The majority of rides have age, weight, or height restrictions. Be sure to read these restrictions and only ride if you are eligible.
  • Follow directions: It may be tempting to rebel and avoid following the ride operator’s instructions. However, if you do, you can suffer serious injuries, and it may even cost you your life.
  • Buckle up: If there are seat belts or safety bars on a ride, you should make sure to use them.
  • Trust your gut: Skip any ride you believe looks poorly maintained or dangerous for any reason.

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