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July 23, 2020

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic made demand for food delivery services skyrocket, millions were using Grubhub and similar companies to get restaurant food at home. With thousands of deliveries made daily, the risk of a car accident with a food delivery driver is not surprising. This creates questions of liability and insurance coverage when crashes occur.

If you’re in an accident while driving for an app-based food delivery service, questions of liability are important. As a Grubhub, Door Dash, Postmates, or Uber Eats driver, you want to make sure you have the insurance you need. For those unfortunately hurt in a crash, either as a food delivery driver or an occupant in the other car, someone needs to compensate you for your medical expenses, property damages, and lost wages.

Fortunately, the Ohio car accident attorneys at Kisling, Nestico & Redick, has experience with helping people sort through liability issues surrounding Grubhub and similar services. We help motor vehicle accident victims obtain the maximum available compensation for their injuries. If you have questions, call KNR for answers at 1-800-HURT-NOW or online. Initial consults are free and we’re only paid when you recover compensation.

Food Delivery and Vehicle Insurance

Whether working for Grubhub, Door Dash, Postmates, or Uber Eats, a requirement is that you have the required minimum liability insurance. In Ohio, that is $25,000 for injury/death of one person, $50,000 for injury/death of two or more people, and $25,000 property damage.

That sounds great, right? Unfortunately, such personal auto insurance coverage is of little use unless the driver has obtained a commercial rider as well. By using your car for food delivery through an app service, your minimum liability policy likely excludes coverage for this type of use. That is a problem not only if you cause an accident, but also if you are a victim of one.

Some Apps Have Additional Coverage

Some services, whether for food or ride sharing like Uber or Lyft, have liability insurance that applies to drivers. However, it can be tricky as to when coverage applies and for how much. For example, most of these services don’t cover accidents during a driver’s “waiting time.” That is, when not in route to pick up an order or deliver it to a home.

If working for Uber Eats, Postmates, and Door Dash the companies have a $1 million liability policy that applies during delivery and some cover a driver’s injury as an occupation accident. But Grubhub offers not such protection.

If You’re Hit by a Food Delivery Driver

A car accident with a food delivery driver from Grubhub, Door Dash, Postmates, or Uber Eats should be handled like any other accident with someone driving on behalf of their employer:

  • Report the Accident
  • Gather Evidence at the Scene (if able)
  • Seek medical attention
  • Notify your insurance company
  • Call a car accident attorney

That last step is crucial when a food delivery service driver is involved so we can start sorting through the issues of liability and what insurance company needs to pay. Our attorneys know how insurance companies work and will protect you from quick settlements for far less than you deserve. Getting us on your case quickly allows us to build the strongest case possible while you focus on recovering.

KNR Can Help

Modern life has brought us some great conveniences. Getting food delivered to our homes, especially from hundreds of restaurants that never had that service, is one of them. And, as we discovered during the stay home orders in 2020, the services became essential.

But with this convivence comes increased risk, such as being in a car accident with a food delivery driver. If that happens to your or a loved one, don’t try to figure out the complicated issues of liability and insurance on your own, contact us for a free consultation and learn how we can help. Call 1-800-HURT-NOW or contact KNR online.