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Date posted
November 26, 2014

Public transportation, such as buses, trains and other mass transportation, can carry many passengers in one trip, making it more cost-effective than traveling by personal vehicle. When it comes to safety, public transportation is considerably safer than passenger cars. Despite that, mass transit accidents do happen, even in Ohio. In those cases, both drivers and passengers are at risk for serious injuries or death.

As stated on our motor vehicle accident page, mass transit accidents can yield catastrophic results. For starters, train accidents can happen for several reasons, ranging from equipment failure to train derailments to collision with other trains to collision with motor vehicles. Although train accidents rarely occur, if they do, the results can be disastrous. The same goes for bus accidents. A bus crash can injure passengers, pedestrians and other motor vehicles.

Because of the sheer size of public transit vehicles and the number of people using buses and trains every day, an accident may have devastating results. The most common cause of bus crashes are poor weather conditions, driving errors, poor maintenance of the bus equipment, road hazards and bus defects.

In the event of a bus accident, the victims are often left with financial challenges and many questions of how they can go on with their lives after the incident. In such instances, we can provide you with answers and the possible solution that may help you cope with the situation. More importantly, we can help you obtain the full compensation for those injuries and trauma you have suffered from the crash.

How can we do that? Our firm has extensive knowledge in handling all kinds of accident cases in Ohio, including public transit accidents. We have adequate resources to determine the contributing factors in the crash, as well as the ability to identify the liability of the public transit company and driver. Our legal team can also ensure that your rights and interests are protected while we are handling the case.