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Hair loss drugs such as Propecia can leave you seriously injured. If you are suffering due to a common hair loss drug, contact one of our Ohio drug injury lawyers right away. You may be eligible to file a product liability claim and recover for your injuries.

Hair is a vital part of your appearance. While some men choose to shave their heads or embrace going bald, you may feel self-conscious about your hair loss. The feeling is understandable. Hair loss can be slow and irregular, or it can happen relatively quickly. At a certain point, it feels like there is nothing you can do to combat the issue or cover it up. Yet, there are some options.

While there are a few treatments that promote new hair growth, there is one medication called Propecia that is proven to slow down or stop hair loss. Unfortunately, studies have found that Propecia can have a significant impact on some men’s sexual function – something you may not have been warned about when your physician prescribed it.

If you were prescribed Propecia for hair loss and were not warned about the potential for persistent erectile dysfunction, which you have experienced, call us at Kisling, Nestico & Redick right away. You are not alone in your experience. Thousands of men have suffered because of this hair loss drug, and like them, you may be able to hold the manufacturer responsible.

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Hair Loss Drugs Linked to Erectile Dysfunction and Depression

Two hair loss drugs, finasteride and dutasteride, can be taken in low doses by men seeking to slow down or stop their hair loss. While these drugs are sold under the brands Proscar and Avodart, they are most commonly known as Propecia.

Studies have found that men of all ages who take Propecia can end up suffering from persistent erectile dysfunction. They are no longer able to sustain normal erections or participate in sexual activities with their partners.

The erectile dysfunction can continue for months or years after the men stop taking the hair loss drug. Some men who participated in a Northwestern University study experienced erectile dysfunction for more than 3.5 years after they stopped taking Propecia. The longer a man is on the drug, the worse the side effect may be. Taking erectile dysfunction medication, like Viagra, in response may not effectively correct the issue.

Additionally, physicians have noted that their patients on Propecia experience more side effects than erectile dysfunction. Many have reduced libidos, less penile sensation, difficulty achieving an orgasm, and subdued orgasms. The drug appears to impact numerous factors relevant to men’s sexuality, which can significantly reduce their and their partner’s quality of life.

While the focus has remained on Propecia’s connection to erectile dysfunction, it has also been linked to significant depression and, in some cases, suicidal thoughts. Reports of depression and suicidal thoughts often arise in men with no history of depression.

Propecia Can Have a Significant Negative Impact on Your Life

If you were prescribed Propecia to combat hair loss and you experienced serious side effects, such as sexual function disorders or clinical depression, then you should speak with an attorney right away. These are not minor side effects. Erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders can have a profound effect on your life.

Loss of regular sexual activity can decrease your quality of life and hurt your romantic relationship. If you and your spouse are interested in having children, it can make it extremely difficult to start or grow your family.

Depression can affect your career, education, friendships, intimate relationships, and family. You may no longer have the drive to excel at work or in class, and you may lose interest in your favorite hobbies. With all of the possible effects of depression, you may need to seek mental health treatment, including therapy and medication, to return to your normal lifestyle.

Hair Loss Drug’s Warning May Not Be Enough

The warning required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for Propecia may not be fully descriptive of the risk you take when using it. Propecia comes with a warning that some men may experience sexual side effects, such as a reduced desire for sex, trouble achieving or maintaining an erection, and a decreased amount of semen. While the warning may be accurate, it also appears to downplay the problem many men have experienced, particularly the severity and duration of the sexual dysfunction.

The original warning on the drug stated the side effects went away when men stopped taking the drug and disappeared in most men who continued taking the drug. The label had to be updated after additional studies and reports showed this might not be accurate. The current label includes post-marketing experiences, such as continued sexual dysfunction after men discontinued use of the drug.

Your Legal Options After Experiencing Side Effects of Propecia

After suffering serious side effects from a hair loss drug, you may have the right to bring a product liability claim against the drug manufacturer. Product liability claims are based on a product, in this case a drug, having some type of defect. There may be a design defect, which means the drug was not formulated to be as safe as possible. Drugs may also have a manufacturing defect, which means something went wrong during the manufacturing process and the medication you received was not in line with the intended design. Many drugs are defective because they lack appropriate warnings. When drug manufacturers are aware of potential side effects, like depression or impotence, they are responsible for providing accurate warnings regarding these risks.

To discuss a potential product liability claim regarding Propecia, contact us at Kisling, Nestico & Redick. More than 1,300 lawsuits have already been filed against Merck & Co. Inc., which is the company that sells finasteride under the name Propecia.

Let Kisling, Nestico & Redick Help You Pursue Compensation

Not every man who has been prescribed Propecia experiences side effects or has a right to file suit. However, if you took the medication, whether for a brief period of time or several years and you have battled with erectile dysfunction, other sexual function disorders, and depression, call us at Kisling, Nestico & Redick immediately. We have years of experience representing individuals in dangerous drug claims.

We will thoroughly review your situation, determine whether you have a valid claim, and explain your options. If you wish to move forward with a lawsuit, our team is here to represent you. We will guide you through the legal process every step of the way and will tenaciously fight for you to receive the compensation you deserve.

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