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KNR Legal
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August 23, 2021

KNR is proud to announce that this year’s winner of the $5,000 Robert Redick Memorial Scholarship is Ethan Westfall!

Ethan created a plan to make a digital marketing campaign using the power of storytelling. Motivated to help prevent fatalities and injuries caused by distracted drivers, Ethan developed narratives of four young fictional characters who have caused fatal crashes or become fatalities because of a texting-while-driving accident. His characters are based on real texting and driving tragedies involving young adults. To help bring the stories to life, KNR created illustrations of each character:
a. Jane: 25-year-old who causes the death of a cyclist texting while driving. While serving her sentence, she watches a news segment about the crash, which adds to her grief.
b. Scott: 21-year-old who is driving to class when a distracted driver runs a red light and hits his car. Scott suffers permanent brain injuries and is no longer able to continue college.
c. Sam: 18-year-old recent high school graduate who sees a car accident and rushes to the scene on his way to work. Three victims—a mother and two children— don’t survive the crash. Sam learns the person who caused the crash is a former classmate who was texting while driving.
d. Fidel: 23-year-old driving to his family’s house for the holidays. On the drive, he starts texting his family and drifts into the center lane into oncoming traffic. Fidel does not survive the crash. Instead of celebrating the holidays with his family, they are left to grieve his loss.

Ethan graduated from BYU this year with a degree in Business Strategy. He has elected to continue his education at Harvard University, where he plans to earn his Master’s in Design, Innovation and Technology.

Congratulations, Ethan!

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