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April 20, 2018

When we need surgery, we trust that the team of medical professionals we’re working with will provide us with quality care. When you’re getting surgery, you need to know that your physician will do everything they can to ensure your recovery is safe and healthy. Sometimes the hospital or their employees make careless mistakes, which can lead to lasting or permanent problems for you. In this instance, you may want to consider bringing a surgery malpractice suit against the negligent healthcare professional that caused your injuries.

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Common Errors in Surgeries

While a physician can make a number of mistakes during a surgical procedure, some of the most common ones our attorneys see in medical malpractice claims are:

The wrong surgery is performed.
The hospital could record your information incorrectly. You may have gone in for a tonsillectomy only to find out that the surgeon mistakenly took their gallbladder out instead.

The surgery is performed on the wrong patient.
Hospitals occasionally mix up patients’ charts. If the surgeon doesn’t double-check the information, they may perform a surgery on you that was meant for another person.

A foreign object is left inside the patient.
In some situations, a surgical instrument gets mistakenly left inside the patient after they are sewn shut. Sometimes these foreign objects don’t hurt the patient, but other times they can cause serious problems.

The patient develops an infection from unsanitary surroundings.
Infection is a common concern for many surgeries, and you are given careful instructions for your post-surgical care. An infection can be the result of a surgery performed with instruments that weren’t properly sterilized, or from an operating room that was not cleaned thoroughly before your procedure.

The patient’s organs or veins are damaged during the surgery.
While making an incision, your surgeon could nick a vein, artery, or organ. This damage could have lasting negative effects your health and well-being.

When is a Surgical Mistake Considered Malpractice?

Surgeons may have a complicated and unusual job, but they are human like the rest of us. They can suffer from exhaustion or fall ill and still come to work, just as many other employees do. They may also bear the brunt of the blame when several other missteps performed by hospital administration and other employees lead to the culmination of an error. So why are they being sued when they made a simple error?

The difference between a common error and malpractice often boils down to the standard of care. A surgeon is held to a standard of care that dictates what a medical professional with their level of skill and education should reasonably be able to do in the same situation. Their jobs may be more difficult than others, but they are given the schooling and training to make them successful. If, however, the surgeon is unable to employ a reasonable level of care, and their actions caused you harm, they could be found liable for their mistakes.

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