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April 2, 2018

Highway 680 is the primary highway that crosses Youngstown, and it passes through suburbs and lands at the edge of downtown. Consequently, this road sees a lot of traffic every day, from commuters going to work to those who need to get to the Ohio Turnpike. It’s no surprise that the heavily congested highway 680 in Youngstown has had its fair share of car accidents.

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Common Spots Where Accidents Occur on Highway 680

While Highway 680 is over 16 miles long, there are certain areas where a number of accidents occur. Some of these spots include:

I-680 at South Avenue
The South Avenue exit at 680 North is the location of several accidents. Drivers have rolled their vehicles, rear-ended other cars, and careened across their lanes into oncoming traffic. Accidents will often involve multiple cars, as drivers approaching a wreck fail to slow down or get over in time, and they wind up smashing into other stopped vehicles.

I-680 at the 711 Interchange
Interchanges are difficult to navigate. Drivers are coming from two different roads and often trying to switch places, all while traveling at high speeds and trying to watch what the motorists in front of them are doing. An interchange can be dangerous if drivers fail to yield to traffic getting over and instead try to race each other. The 711 interchange is no stranger to these problems, making it a spot where many accidents occur.

Overpasses on I-680
There are a handful of overpasses on highway 680 in Youngstown where people have been outside of their cars and consequently struck and killed. Though they aren’t terribly long, overpass areas are generally pretty dim, making it difficult for drivers to see when they are passing through. If a driver has gotten out of their car and is standing too close to the road, they can easily be overlooked. This is especially true for people who aren’t wearing reflective clothing or carrying a flashlight.

Hurt on or Near Highway 680 in Youngstown? Call Us for Help

There are many spots on Highway 680 in Youngstown that are common places for accidents, but the truth is that a car wreck can happen anywhere. When drivers allow themselves to get distracted while driving, they can make roadways unsafe. Highways can be worse, however, since these drivers are going much faster than they do in residential areas. People often speed on highways or perform other negligent actions.

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