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When you visit a friend’s home or a new Columbus business that just opened up, you expect that you and your loved ones will remain free from harm. This is unfortunately not the case, and accidents often arise. When you’ve been hurt on someone else’s land, call our Columbus premises liability lawyers for help.

You and your family likely visit property that belongs to others on a fairly regular basis. The majority of these visits are routine and end without serious harm having been inflicted upon anyone. However, some people find themselves injured while on the property of another. You may not know what to do if you or a loved one are badly hurt at someone else’s home or business. Your injuries can be very extensive, and your family might be facing significant medical bills as a result.

Ohio law allows for premises liability lawsuits to be filed by those who are injured on the property of another individual or business. These suits can seek to recover damages that you have suffered including due to your injury. However, a premises liability case can be very confusing in many instances. Who holds responsibility for your accident? At Kisling, Nestico & Redick, our premises liability attorneys understand how Ohio’s premises liability laws determine who owes you damages for your injury.

Our Columbus personal injury lawyers have years of experience helping injury victims who find themselves in this difficult position. Do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. Call (614) 487-8669, or reach out online to schedule a free case consultation.

Common Premises Liability Scenarios

People are injured every day in many places outside of their home or vehicle. You can be hurt while running errands, visiting friends, or at an entertainment venue. Accidents on the property of another can catch you completely off-guard. Many premises liability incidents in the Columbus area occur every day, and many victims do not understand their rights to seek compensation from the negligent party.

Our attorneys know that every accident is unique. It can sometimes be difficult to determine who is responsible for paying for an injured person’s damages. Fighting for you to receive fair compensation will require investigating every detail of your case.

Some of the most common types of premises liability cases our Columbus premises liability lawyers have seen include:

  • Slip and falls – This can happen almost anywhere, and the physical harm suffered can be significant. Property owners and occupiers must make sure to keep walkways secure and clear of debris, spilled liquids, and more.
  • Swimming pool accidents – You can incur harm at someone else’s pool in many different ways. Common harm often includes drowning, chemical burns, and broken bones. When you’re enjoying a pool, it’s always best to remain alert and aware of your surroundings.
  • Negligent security – Guests and other visitors must be protected from harm when they visit various establishments. This means a landowner needs to provide sufficient security from other dangerous guests and situations.
  • Stair, balcony, and deck accidents – Many assume that decks, stairs, and balconies are properly secured to buildings and that there’s not much of a chance they can get hurt while in one of these locations. People are often injured due to stairs, decks, and balconies that are poorly maintained and/or improperly used.

Understanding Premises Liability Under Ohio Law

Everyone must take reasonable steps in order to prevent needless injuries from being inflicted upon others. This is often described as a duty of care. Our Columbus premises liability lawyers could help you sue property owners for damages if they failed to take normal precautions to keep you safe while on their property. This includes fixing damaged facilities that create a danger to those present. Furthermore, premises liability law requires a duty to warn guests of serious dangers that might go unnoticed.

Premises liability coverage applies to injured people who generally fall within one of the three following categories:

  • Invitees – This is someone who is invited to visit the property of another for social or business reasons. A property owner must take steps to perform regular maintenance and warn you of dangers.
  • Licensees – These people enter the property of others for their own pleasure or benefit, and they do so with the owner’s implied permission. In these situations, the owner only owes the guests the duty of refraining from willfully or recklessly taking actions to cause injury.
  • Trespassers – If you are on the property of another without permission, then you are considered a trespasser. The duty of care owed to you is lower; property owners must not do anything that puts you in danger, or that causes you harm.

How an Attorney Can Help You After An Injury

A serious injury can be extremely stressful for you and your family. It can disrupt every part of your life, and you may not be able to get back to normal for a long time. It’s often difficult to determine who is responsible for compensating you for the harm done in your accident. Premises liability cases can quickly become complex. Landowners and their insurance companies will seek to distance themselves from any liability they have regarding your damages.

Our Columbus premises liability lawyers understand Ohio’s premises liability laws, and how the court will define negligence in your case. Your attorney must demonstrate the following:

  • You were present on property owned or occupied by someone else.
  • There was a danger while you were present.
  • This danger was the cause of the injuries that you sustained.
  • The owner was careless by failing to take reasonable steps to remove this danger, or to properly give you warning of the danger.

Do not hesitate to seek legal help after being injured on someone else’s property. The other party may have many resources, and they can become very aggressive. Your personal injury lawyer will have to investigate every detail in order to build a strong case for recovery. Ohio law requires that you file a claim for damages within two years of your injury, or else you risk not being able to financially recover from the negligent party.

Contact Our Columbus Premises Liability Lawyers for Help

A serious injury will affect every part of your life. It can also take time for certain physical damage to become apparent after you have been in an accident. For these reasons, it is important to seek professional medical attention if you or a loved one has been badly hurt on the property of another. Knowing when a property can be sued if negligence caused a personal injury can be difficult. Do not delay in calling an experienced Columbus premises liability lawyer at Kisling, Nestico & Redick after an accident on someone else’s property.

To schedule a free, initial evaluation of your case, contact us today at (614) 487-8669.

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