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April 19, 2019

“Life changes quick.”

Ryan Bond was minding his own business, driving down the road, when another car ran a stop sign and t-boned his vehicle.

“It actually spun me around,” said Ryan. “I’m man enough to admit it was one of the scariest moments of my life, being spun around that fast and not expecting it.”

It’s hard to explain what it’s like to experience a car accident. For those of you who’ve been through one, you understand what we mean. For Ryan, there was so much adrenaline during the impact and immediately afterward, that he didn’t know whether he was injured.

The Accident Aftermath

After a car accident, it’s important to act quickly. The best route is not always going solo.

“The insurance company that’s representing the person that hit [you] – they’re not in it for you, they’re in it for them,” said Ryan.

He stresses the importance of finding good representation so you can avoid taking on a large, conglomerate insurance company on your own.

“This is something that, if you’re lucky, only happens to you once in a lifetime,” said Ryan. “But it’s something that insurance companies deal with every day. You don’t want to go into a situation with somebody having that much leverage over you.”

Being in this predicament without help from a legal team like KNR, Ryan says, is like going up to bat against a Major League pitcher who’s throwing a fastball. It’s best left to the professionals. In the same sense, you’re less likely to get on base going up against an insurance company by yourself.

Why KNR?

Ryan found his experience working with the legal team at KNR to be top-notch. Why?

“The emails, the phone calls from the paralegals, I felt like I was informed along the whole process,” said Ryan. “I’m personally relieved that I picked KNR to represent me.”

Not only did the KNR team provide Ryan with transparent representation, they provided him with what he felt was justice. The team stood by Ryan to act as his voice against a large corporation – something Ryan felt he could never do on his own.

“You guys are saints in what you do, in fighting the good fight,” said Ryan. “At the end of the experience, all the numbers are there, nothing is hidden, nobody’s trying to pull wool over your eyes. It’s very transparent. I felt like KNR definitely had my best interest in mind.”

When you’ve been injured in a serious car accident or other life-changing accident, you shouldn’t have to pay the unfortunate consequences. During a stressful situation like this, you need a personal injury lawyer with proven experience and skills to obtain the outcome you deserve and help you recover.

Most of all, the legal process you embark on should never be confusing or stressful. That’s why KNR makes the process as transparent as possible. We’ll answer your questions and guide you through each step so you’re always aware of what’s needed from you.

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