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May 6, 2019

When Rachelle Pearson’s son was involved in a car accident, the airbag damaged his eyesight. At one point, doctors weren’t sure if her son would see again.

What made the situation even more stressful was the fact that Rachelle’s son was the star athlete at Woodridge High School.

“He felt horrible for months after [the car accident],” said Rachelle.

Turning Things Around

Doctors were able to perform surgery on Rachelle’s son to correct his vision problems resulting from the crash.

“He’s an athlete, and his eyesight is very important to him,” said Rachelle. “I’m just happy that we didn’t have to do the fighting for who was going to pay for it before the surgery was done.”

One of Rachelle’s favorite parts about working with Kisling, Nestico & Redick on her son’s car accident is the personalization.

“Being able to talk to somebody — a person — every time you want to get some questions answered, and not have to email and wait a day or two for a response,” said Rachelle when asked about what she appreciates most.

Timeliness is a courtesy every KNR client receives, no matter the size of their case or the circumstances surrounding it.

Working with KNR

“Thank you so much, you made the process a lot easier for me,” said Rachelle. “Good lawyers help to get the job done quickly, promptly, successfully.”

When you’ve been injured in a serious car accident or other life-changing accident, you shouldn’t have to pay the unfortunate consequences. During a stressful situation like this, you need a personal injury lawyer with proven experience and skills to obtain the outcome you deserve and help you recover.

Throughout the legal process, you should always feel like your questions are answered. That’s why KNR makes the process as transparent as possible. We’ll answer your questions and guide you through each step so you’re always aware of what’s needed from you.

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