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Lacking trust in your personal injury lawyer can increase your stress when you deserve relief.
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March 20, 2023

So, you’ve suffered an injury and taken time out of your recovery to hire a lawyer—only to find out they’re the wrong fit. Maybe they keep dropping the ball, ignoring your calls and emails, or making you feel less like someone needing help and more like a wallet to empty.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Many Ohio personal injury victims discover their legal representation is less than ideal part-way through their case. But can someone change lawyers during a personal injury case?

Yes, you can switch personal injury attorneys in Ohio. Learn when, how, and why you should.

How to Change Lawyers

You can change legal representation at any point during a personal injury case.

Firing your current lawyer should involve minimal effort. You can send them a written notice stating they’ll no longer be working on your case, which your new attorney can help you draft. From there, your former lawyer will hand over the files to your new lawyer.

Your former attorney may still be entitled to payment for their services. However, you will not pay extra for switching personal injury attorneys.

Why People Change Attorneys

There are many reasons people find their lawyers aren’t doing enough. Red flags to look out for include:

  • Your lawyer is unresponsive to your calls and emails
  • Your lawyer pressures you into accepting an offer you disagree with
  • Your lawyer is disorganized, unprofessional, or inexperienced
  • You feel lost or confused about your case
  • Your lawyer lacks a solid strategy
  • Your lawyer doesn’t seem to care about you or your case
  • Your case doesn’t seem to be progressing

Like your doctor or dentist, you deserve the best care from an attorney. You shouldn’t settle for less when receiving any kind of professional help.

If you feel overwhelmed by your personal injury case, you’re probably not getting the service and support you need. You can always switch personal injury lawyers in Ohio at any time.

Before You Switch Lawyers

Before you officially change personal injury attorneys, here are a few essential steps to follow:

  1. Communicate – Discuss your concerns directly with the current lawyer. A transparent conversation could be all they need to adjust their behavior or legal approach.
  2. Research – Before firing the attorney you have, find the one you want. This will help ensure a smooth transition and prevent you from going without representation. Research personal injury lawyers near you and ask around for recommendations. Seek out a law firm with high ratings, positive reviews, and a history of success handling similar cases.
  3. Consult – Many law firms offer free initial consultations. Schedule one with an Ohio personal injury attorney you’re interested in. You can ask specific questions and tell them more about your case without any commitments or costs.

Know What to Look for Next Time

As you seek out new legal help, consider the traits you want in your new attorney. Hopefully, knowing what didn’t work in the past will solidify your needs and expectations moving forward.

Here are a few good things to look for in your next personal injury lawyer:

  • They have experience and success with similar cases
  • They respond to your messages quickly and thoughtfully
  • They have clear, knowledgeable responses to your questions
  • They seem to care about you as an individual, focusing on your recovery
  • They consider your input and value your trust
  • They inform you more about their process and strategies for getting the maximum compensation
  • They have high ratings, and their reviews are largely positive
  • You feel a weight lifted off of you after talking with them

FAQs on Switching Personal Injury Lawyers

Do I still have to pay the attorney I fired?

It depends. If your lawyer worked on your case for some time, they’re likely entitled to an amount of your settlement. Review their contract to see if there’s information on the termination process and your obligations.

Are there any exceptions on when you can change lawyers?

There are typically no exceptions for when (or why) you can change legal representation in Ohio. However, it may be challenging to find another lawyer if you are too close to your trial date or the statute of limitations is almost up.

Is switching lawyers halfway through a case worth it?

You might find it too much effort or time to change lawyers, especially if you’re far into your case. Ultimately, your needs and recovery come first. Whether you wish to change lawyers is up to you.

Catching your new personal injury attorney up to speed might take time, pushing your case back further. However, changing representation could be the difference between disappointment and success. Exploring your options and scheduling a free consultation with a trusted, accomplished law firm couldn’t hurt.

What happens to my case’s files?

Your former lawyer must submit the case’s evidence and documentation to your new attorney. You can finally relax knowing your case is in good hands, and your information should be kept private throughout the process.

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