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November 3, 2015

Last month was National School Bus Safety Month. Did you know that? Don’t feel bad if you didn’t. Some places put a lot more energy into promoting the fact than others did.

For example, we came across one item marking the safety month which ran just about a week ago, right at the end of the month. And regardless of whether the issue got specific highlighting during October or not, we know there are many in the Cleveland area who would agree that focusing attention on bus safety is something that deserves to be done all year long — certainly during the school year, but even through the summer.

So here are a few tips as offered up by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on things that parents and children can follow to make sure that young pupils get to and from school in the safest way possible.

That there is a need for these reminders is obvious. We live in a time when children and drivers of all ages are lured into a kind of attention deficit tunnel due to mobile technology. Not only is texting and driving the cause of many an accident, but so is texting and walking, or even chatting on the cell phone. It doesn’t take much for anyone to be distracted.

  • Keep your distance. The bus driver and other drivers can easily overlook children too close to a bus. Stay up to 10 giant steps away from the vehicle before and after boarding.
  • Keep still while the bus is in motion. Let it come to a full stop before getting on or off.
  • Be sure you’re seen. If you drop something in the vicinity of the bus, get the attention of the driver before going to get it. Catch the driver’s eye before making a move.
  • Be cautious crossing. Use crosswalks and take your cue from the bus driver as to when it’s safe to cross the street. Even then, look carefully both ways. Drivers don’t always obey the law.

School buses get children to school and home safer than other forms of transportation. Still accidents do occur and serious injuries are possible. Victims should know that an attorney’s help could be important in seeking proper compensation.