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December 30, 2014

Large trucks can be extremely dangerous for other drivers on the road. Accidents involving these large trucks can be disastrous. That’s one truck fact of which most drivers are aware. Drivers, here are some facts about trucks and driving around them that you may not know.

An Accident Is Not Always the Trucker’s Fault

Many accuse truck drivers of reckless driving, driving while fatigued or otherwise impaired, speeding, and driving aggressively. There are many truck accidents for which other drivers are to blame. While there are certainly many cases of reckless truck driving that cause accidents, passenger vehicle drivers also have a duty to drive safely around large trucks.

Trucks Need a Lot of Room to Stop

Trucks need way more room than the average passenger car to stop. Truck drivers may need as much as twice as much room to come to a safe and complete stop compared to passenger car drivers.

For other drivers, this means making sure that you always give trucks plenty of following room when passing or changing lanes in front of them. If you have to stop suddenly, the truck driver may not have enough time to do so without rear-ending you. Also keep in mind that a truck driver cannot see you if you cut right in front of the truck as this is a blind spot.

Truckers Have a Hard Time Seeing You

Trucks have huge blind spots, making it incredibly difficult for a truck driver to see other cars at all times. As noted, the area immediately in front of the front cab is a blind spot. The passenger side of a large truck has a very large blind spot (more so than the driver’s side). Therefore, you should always attempt to pass a large truck on the left, rather than on the right.

Remember that when you’re directly behind, directly to the side of, or directly in front of a large truck, the truck driver probably isn’t able to see you. As such, always stay as far away from large trucks as possible and do not linger in blind spots. The risk isn’t worth it.

There are Special Laws By Which Truckers Must Abide

Federal regulations establish certain rules that truckers must follow. This includes a ban on using handheld mobile devices, including texting. Drivers must also abide by hours-of-service rules that limit the time they can spend on duty and behind the wheel before taking a break. These rules also limit the hours a trucker can work over the course of a seven- or eight-day period.

Trucking Companies May Be Liable for Trucker’s Actions

A trucking company, like other employers, is liable for its employees’ actions. This includes drivers’ actions that cause wrecks. As such, passenger car drivers injured in accidents with large trucks may file a claim or lawsuit against the trucking company to recover damages. A truck accident attorney can help you take legal action.

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