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November 22, 2017

Each year, Ohio residents celebrate a number of important holidays, including Labor Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. Each of these holidays has its own traditions, such as common foods and types of gatherings. For Thanksgiving gatherings, people come together with stuffed turkeys, their favorite potato dishes, and pumpkin pies. Despite the celebratory nature of these holiday gatherings, there is an increased rate of alcohol consumption and a greater risk of drunk driving and car accidents during these times. Thanksgiving, in particular, is one of the most dangerous holiday periods of the year.

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Thanksgiving is a Dangerous Holiday for Driving

Based on an analysis of fatal car accidents between 2011 and 2015, Thanksgiving is the fifth most dangerous holiday every year. There are an average of 258 fatal accidents every year on Thanksgiving weekend. That’s more than New Year’s, which saw an average of 245 fatal accidents per year during the study’s timeframe.

Avoiding a Car Accident on Thanksgiving

There are many ways to avoid an accident during your Thanksgiving holiday this year, including:

  • Fly instead of drive- Planning a road trip can sound fun and frugal. However, it increases the chance of being in a crash. If your destination is more than a couple hours away, consider flying or taking the train.
  • Use public transit- If your Thanksgiving destination is near your home, consider using public transportation, calling a taxi, or requesting a ride with a ride-sharing service. Calling a car may feel like it defeats the purpose, but at least there will be one less vehicle on the road. Also, if you intend to drink at your destination, taking public transit there forces you to call for a ride home.
  • Choose a designated driver- A designated driver may seem old fashioned, but it is a tried and true way of avoiding driving after having drunk any amount of alcohol.
  • Rent a hotel or Airbnb- If you, your friends, and family want to have a great Thanksgiving weekend with plenty of libations, consider a destination holiday. You could rent out a house on Airbnb or a hotel relatively close by so you can all sleep, eat, and drink in one place. With no need to travel that weekend, you lower the risk of accidentally drinking and driving, or being hit by another driver.
  • Have your vehicle checked- If you are going to be driving a significant distance on Thanksgiving weekend, thoroughly check your vehicle or take it in to a trusted mechanic before the trip. Simple things like topping off the oil, filling up your wiper fluid, and checking the tire pressure can help you avoid issues on the road.

If You Are Injured in a Thanksgiving Accident

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