With a commitment to seeking justice for the people that need it most, the legal team at KNR is incredibly proud of the substantial verdicts and settlements that we have achieved on our client’s behalf. Many of these case results have exceeded millions of dollars and were instrumental in helping our clients rebuild their lives.


$750,000 Medical Negligence Settlement

KNR was able to obtain a $750,000 medical negligence settlement in Summit County after five (5) days in trial, in a failure to diagnose cancer of the cervix case resulting in a radical hysterectomy. Settlement:…


$750,000 Truck Accident Settlement

KNR was able to obtain a $750,000 settlement for our client, who was t-boned by a truck in a Stark County intersection. Court Case Number: 2014 CV 01896   Court Filed In: Stark   Settlement:…


$700,000 Settlement in Right of Way Accident

The at-fault driver failed to yield the right-of-way from a stop sign, pulling out in front of our client’s vehicle. Settlement Amount: $700,000 Court Filed In: U.S. District Court Northern District Court Case #: 3:19-CV-1132…


$652,654 Settlement After A Vehicle Collision

The defendant turned left into our client at Howe Rd. In Strongsville, causing a motor vehicle collision. The case settled for $652,654. Court Case Number: CV 09 702707   Court Filed In: Cuyahoga   Settlement:…


$650,000 Medical Negligence in Cuyahoga County

KNR was able to obtain a $650,000 medical negligence settlement in Cuyahoga County due to a failure to timely administer medication in an emergency room, resulting in death from hyperkalemia. Settlement: $650,000.00   County: Cuyahoga…


$650,000 Settlement Motorcycle Accident

KNR was able to obtain a $650,000 settlement after multiple appeals over insurance coverage issues in a case involving a husband and wife who suffered multiple pelvic, leg and arm fractures who were struck on…


**Individual results may vary based on the facts, injuries, jurisdiction, venue, witnesses, parties, and other factors.

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