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November 29, 2014

The number of people killed in automobile accidents in the state of Ohio was on the decline in 2013. While 990 persons were killed in car crashes in Ohio in 2013, this was a reduction from the previous year, when 1,122 persons were killed. The following provides a collection of 2013 Ohio car accident statistics, provided by the Ohio Department of Public Safety:

Auto Accidents Involving Alcohol

Approximately one-third, or 274 fatal car crashes – resulting in 300 deaths – in Ohio in 2013, involved a driver who was under the influence of alcohol. While 274 were fatal accidents, an additional 5,036 alcohol-related accidents caused injuries. And 6,828 alcohol-related accidents caused property damage.

The month with the highest number of fatal alcohol-related auto accidents was September, when 39 fatal accidents occurred resulting in 47 deaths. The month with the highest number of total (including non-fatal) alcohol-related crashes was March, when 1,142 crashes involving an alcohol-impaired driver occurred.

Roughly 71 percent of all alcohol-impaired drivers in 2013 were male. The age group 21 to 25 had the most alcohol-impaired drivers involved in crashes with 2,327, followed by ages 26 to 30 with 1,593. The 21 to 25 age group was also the age group with the most alcohol-impaired drivers in error in fatal crashes with 50, followed by the 26 to 30 and 31 to 35 age groups, with 30 apiece.

Driver Statistics in Car Accidents

The age group with the most drivers in error for crashes was 16 to 20 with 38,168 drivers in error between those ages. The age group that caused the most fatal crashes was 21 to 25, though, with 169 drivers in error among members of that age group.

The total number of male drivers involved in a car accident for the year was 239,741 drivers. Female drivers, on the other hand, were only involved in 190,385 accidents. Additionally, more males than females were not carrying car insurance at the time of the accident: 47,063 males were uninsured, whereas 34,143 females were uninsured.

Finally, the condition of the driver at the time of the accident played a role in the risk of a car accident as well. While the majority of drivers’ physical and emotional states were “apparently normal,” the rest were in these altered states at the time of the crash.

  • 10,747 drivers were under the influence of drugs, medications, or alcohol
  • 2,723 drivers fell asleep, were fatigued, or fainted
  • 1,332 were emotionally disturbed, angry, or depressed
  • 1,209 drivers suffered from a physical impairment
  • 1,084 drivers were ill at the time of accident

Car Accidents by County

As would be expected, the car accident rate by county varied greatly in Ohio in 2013. In Lucas County, where Toledo is located, for example, there were 12,743 total crashes, resulting in 35 deaths and 5,418 injuries. Franklin County was another county with a large number of crashes: 29,347 accidents causing 75 deaths and 10,792 injuries. Cuyahoga County trailed Franklin slightly, with 28,601 crashes resulting in 56 deaths and 11,874 injuries.

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