KNR Kicks off St. Patrick's Day Weekend at St. Malachi Church | Kisling, Nestico & Redick
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March 16, 2024

A Day of Tradition and Community: KNR Participates in the St. Malachi Church Run

On a crisp St. Patrick’s Day morning, KNR Marketing Coordinator Ciara B. and her family embarked on a journey to Cleveland, their hearts set on joining a cherished community tradition. Their destination was the iconic St. Malachi Church, the starting point for the 45th Annual St. Malachi Church Run—a celebration that intertwines fitness, heritage, and charitable giving.

KNR Embraces Culture & Community

Ciara and her family, along with hundreds of others, embarked on the course, enveloped by the enchanting sounds of bagpipes and the rhythmic steps of Irish dancers. This experience wasn’t just a race; it was a vibrant tribute to Irish culture and a testament to the power of community gatherings in fostering unity and joy. Participants and spectators alike converged for a post-race hooley, a lively celebration featuring music, food, and shared merriment. This communal gathering highlighted the event’s essence—coming together to celebrate heritage, accomplishment, and the spirit of giving.

Supporting Malachi Ministries

The St. Malachi Church Run serves a purpose far greater than just fostering community spirit and cultural celebration. It is a significant fundraiser for Malachi Ministries, an organization dedicated to supporting those in need across the Cleveland area. By participating in this event, Ciara and her family, along with all attendees, contributed to a noble cause, directly impacting the lives of many in the local community.

Join Us in Celebrating and Supporting Our Community

At KNR, we believe in the importance of community involvement and supporting meaningful causes. We are proud of our team members, like Ciara B., who represent our firm’s values and dedication to making a positive difference.

We invite you to share in our commitment to community and charitable endeavors. We can collectively support vital community resources like Malachi Ministries and celebrate our rich cultural heritage by participating in events like the St. Malachi Church Run. Together, we can continue to build a stronger, more connected community.