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March 5, 2018

Traffic laws were designed to increase road safety and reduce accident risk. While many drivers adhere to these laws, there are certain ones that are often overlooked. Below is a list of common traffic laws that you may be breaking.

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Driving Without a Seat Belt

Crash tests prove that wearing your seat belt while on the road can save your life. However, many motorists drive without securely fastening their seat belts. In the event of an accident, a seat belt can prevent you from hitting the windshield and being thrown from the vehicle. Even if you’re driving a short distance, you should always be sure to buckle up.

Texting and Driving

It can be difficult for some drivers to forget about their phones and text messages while behind the wheel. Even if you text while you’re driving slowly or at a stop sign, you’ll be directing your attention away from the road and increase your chances of causing an accident. If you are tempted to text and drive while on the road, you should download an app that prohibits you from using your phone while your car is in motion or put your phone somewhere you can’t reach it.


The purpose of speed limits is to improve safety by reducing the risks imposed by the speed choices of drivers. All too often, drivers ignore speed limit signs and only follow the speed limit when there is a police car around them. If you have a difficult time adhering to speed limits, make sure to leave early so you aren’t as tempted to rush to your destination. You should also pay close attention to your speedometer and take advantage of the speed control feature in your vehicle if you have it.


Driving behind someone too closely is referred to as tailgating. Drivers tailgate because they are impatient, running late, or dealing with road rage. Since tailgating is dangerous and illegal, you should make every effort to avoid it. By staying at least two seconds behind the vehicle in front of you, you can keep yourself safe and reduce your risk of causing a rear-end accident.

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