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February 21, 2017

Interstate 71 runs through Ohio and is a crucial highway for Midwest travelers and Cincinnati commuters. Unfortunately, this 345 miles of road is one of the most dangerous stretches of highway within Ohio and witnesses serious and fatal accidents every year. While the highway is designated as a north-south road, it is used to travel east-west through the Midwest. It runs from an interchange with I-64 and I-65 in Louisville, Kentucky to an interchange with I-90 in Cleveland. During the 248 miles I-71 spans in Ohio, it cuts through downtown Cincinnati, moves toward Columbus, hits South Lebanon, and eventually ends at the innerbelt in Cleveland. In total, it moves through 14 different counties where it encounters hilly terrain, small towns, the Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport, and busy inner-cities. Each of these surroundings offers different elements that can cause car accidents.

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I-71 Congestion in Ohio

One of the biggest issues with I-71 is that it is heavily congested in downtown areas in Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland. It runs alongside or intersects with a number of other highways in the state, leading to a great deal of traffic. Congestion along with instances of speeding, following too closely, improperly changing lanes, and failing to yield the right of way causes a significant number of accidents in these cities. These issues are particularly problematic at busy interchanges and difficult merges.

Dangerous Sections of I-71

Multiple sections of I-71 are some of the most dangerous stretches of road in the state, with high average rates of crashes, injuries, and fatalities. These include:

  • Eastbound Route 126 at I-71
  • Northbound I-71 where it merges with Pfeiffer Road
  • Northbound I-71 at I-471
  • I-71 near the city of Blue Ash

Parts of I-71 have been recognized as so dangerous based on numerous factors that the state has had to concentrate on revamping these areas. For instance, the Columbus Crossroads project worked to improve conditions where I-70 and I-71 met and rebuild the junction between I-71 and I-670. The new junction was considered Phase 1 and completed a few years ago. Parts of Phase 2 have been completed over the years, though the rest of the project for the east interchange may not happen until funding is available, as late as 2020. If you were injured in Franklin County, our Columbus car accident lawyers may be able to help.

Ohio is also widening I-71 between Stringtown Road and State Route 665, redecking some bridges, and constructing some noise walls along the route. The projects, broken down into two parts, are $40 million and $80 million. The first project is expected to be done in November 2017 while the second project will start this year and finish in 2019.

While the construction may be necessary to improve conditions, particularly congestion, it also for a time increases the risk of work zone accidents. During construction, drivers may drive faster than reduced speed limits, have to deal with uneven roads and no shoulders, and will need to be on the lookout for workers. All of these elements lend themselves to serious accidents if drivers are not careful.

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