2018 Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump | KNR
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KNR Legal
Date posted
February 19, 2018

For the fifth year, Team KNR braved the icy cold temperatures by taking the plunge in the name of charity. As part of the year-long #KNRCARES campaign, the law firm’s team of attorneys, paralegals, and other employees raised $26,969.00 for the Akron Rotary Club and the Ronald McDonald House of Akron.

Representing KNR at the jump this year with their festive Valentine’s Day attire, were the following jumpers:

  • Tom Walsh, Attorney – Akron Office
  • Thomas Vasvari Jr., Attorney – Youngstown Office
  • Edmond Jaber, Attorney – Akron Office
  • Tony Hall, Attorney – Toledo Office
  • Alex Redick, Paralegal – Akron
  • Judy Lin, Paralegal – Akron
  • Kevin Baker, Paralegal – Akron
  • Alex Feria, Paralegal – Columbus
  • Emily Kessler, Paralegal – Akron
  • Danielle Cooper, Paralegal – Akron
  • Ryan Dell, Paralegal – Akron
  • Adrianna Costilla, Paralegal – Akron (with guest jumper, Justin Mullet)
  • Holly Tusko, Intake Manager – Akron Office
  • Alex VanAllen, Business Development Manager – Akron Office
  • Sarah Knoch, Executive Assistant – Akron Office
  • Nicole Dick, Assistant to Senior Management – Akron Office
  • Leeanna Hoover, Claims Coordinator – Akron Office (with guest jumper, Steve Tomlin)
  • Megan Underwood, Purchasing & Facilities Coordinator – Akron Office
  • Marica Bellman, Receptionist – Akron Office

Though no less important, but far less brave, these chickens raised money and were there to cheer on the jumpers:

  • Tom Vasvari, Partner – Youngstown Office
  • Brooke Foor, Paralegal – Akron Office
  • Brandy Gobrogge, Director of Operations – Akron Office
  • Amber Angelilli, Receptionist – Youngstown Office
  • Gabrielle Carpenter, Graphic Designer – Akron Office
  • Jeremy Seeden, Social Media Coordinator – Akron Office
  • Jamie McCuan, Director of Corporate Communications – Akron Office

Also, no less important, but either not brave enough to stand in the cold or with other commitments that prohibited them from attending, these folks also helped raise money for the two great causes:

  • Heather Nicoluzakis, Paralegal – Akron Office
  • Jennifer Keister, Paralegal – Akron Office
  • Carole Beans, Paralegal – Akron Office
  • Jenna Wiley, Paralegal Manager – Akron Office
  • Candace Spencer, Paralegal – Akron Office
  • Angela Simonyi, Controller – Akron Office

Thank you, Team KNR for showing your team spirit and for doing good in the community!