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The chest is one of the largest and most prominent parts of the human body and protects multiple major organs. The chest is at risk of sustaining injuries that lead to internal organ damage that have long-lasting effects. While automobile accidents perpetuate a substantive statistic, including seat belt injuries, the chest is also at risk of injury from falls in the workplace, gunshot wounds, assault, extreme physical contact during sports, and other traumatic events.

If you are suffering a traumatic chest injury after any kind of accident, our Youngstown chest injury lawyers can help you to seek compensation for increasing medical bills and other related expenses that may occur during your recovery. Call us today at 1-800-HURT-NOW (419) 324-8205 or use our online contact form to set up a consultation.

Types of Chest Injuries

Chest injuries are primarily categorized in two ways:

  • Penetrating: If the injury protrudes the skin (stabbing, gunshot wound, an arrow through the heart, etc.) this is a penetrating chest trauma
  • Blunt: If the injury impacts the chest but doesn’t go through the muscle (such as in car crashes, slip and falls, or sports injuries), it is a blunt chest trauma

Prominent causes of chest injury include:

  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Seat belt injuries
  • Falls from large heights
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Gunshot wounds
  • Knife injuries
  • Combat blast injuries

Signs and Symptoms of Chest Injuries

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Upper chest trauma: broken ribs, injury to the sternum, and damage to lungs or heart
  • Injury to the liver or spleen
  • Contusions (muscle bruising)
  • Bruising of the chest wall
  • Hypotension from blood loss
  • Coughing of blood
  • Flail chest: when part of the ribcage detaches
  • Puncture wound to the chest
  • Lung collapse
  • Crunching sounds when palpating the rib cage
  • Cardiac injuries: often resulting in bruising or bleeding of the heart

Other symptoms to watch for include shortness of breath, dizziness, and extreme fatigue. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, take immediate action and contact a medical professional. Even if your pain seems minor, it can be a larger problem.

Management and Treatment of Chest Trauma

Management and treatment of chest trauma are undertaken by highly skilled medical professionals and can often involve life-saving operations. Approximately half of all chest injuries require immediate surgery. If you are in an accident and you feel any form of chest pain, you should seek immediate medical attention.

The different stages of management and treatment can separate into:

  • Prehospital trauma life support
  • In-hospital or emergency room treatment
  • Surgical trauma life support
  • Rehabilitation or home-care

Rehabilitation helps people recover from traumatic injuries through a step-by-step process. Mercy Health Medical Group in Youngstown, Ohio is a leading medical center offering trauma victims with the physical support that they require following a painful and traumatic event.

Our Youngstown Chest Injury Lawyers Can Help You

If you or your loved ones are suffering any kind of chest trauma following an accident in the Youngstown, Ohio area, both the physical and emotional challenges can seem insurmountable and can leave a lasting financial burden. Our Youngstown personal injury lawyers have decades of expertise in these situations and will help you and your family seek compensation to support your recovery and navigate out of financial hardship.

Our skilled legal team at Kisling, Nestico & Redick can help you seek compensation for chest injuries you have sustained from activity-related experiences, accidents, and other structural incompetencies. Working from eleven locations throughout Ohio, we cover extensive ground including many regions and cities in the state. In addition to chest injuries, our diverse team of attorneys offers skills in multiple legal areas including work injuries, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and wrongful death incidents.

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