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Date posted
October 8, 2015

Regular viewers of Akron TV news know that it can be a frustrating experience. Too much time is spent on chatting, smiling anchors and too little on actual news. Even when newsworthy events get attention, the coverage is often short on details.

Recent coverage on a TV station’s website of a pedestrian accident illustrates some of the problems. “A speeding driver crashed into a man walking across an Akron street just after midnight,” the report begins. Yet nowhere in the article does it state how fast the driver of the Ford Focus was going or what injuries the pedestrian suffered.

The only mention of the injuries is that they were “moderate,” sustained in a “glancing blow” as the car sped westbound on Vernon Odom Boulevard. After hitting the man, the speeding vehicle then hit a car also traveling west.

Video shot at the scene of the incident shows a crumpled, torn front quarter-panel on the passenger’s side (apparently damaged when the Focus hit the other car), as well as damage to the driver’s side of the silver Focus (apparently done when the Focus hit the pedestrian). Broken glass lying on the street was lit up by flashing police car lights.

The driver was cited for striking the pedestrian and for hitting the other car. There was no word if the driver of the Focus or anyone in the other vehicle was injured.

The bottom line here is that an experienced attorney knows there is much more than TV coverage required to get a full understanding of the causes and liabilities in an accident resulting in injuries. An Akron personal injury attorney works with accident reconstructionists, interviews witnesses, and has in-depth discussions with your doctors to fully understand what happened, why and how the accident damaged you. Equipped with that vital information, a skilled lawyer then holds accountable the personal responsible for your injuries.