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October 13, 2017

A car accident is a traumatic event. The moment after impact you are left stunned, unsure of what happened, or how it has affected you. If you or a passenger in your car get hurt in the accident, the pain from your injuries can cloud your ability to think properly. People often make several mistakes after a car accident, which can prevent them from getting properly compensated for necessities like car repairs, unpaid bills, or loss of income due to missing work. Speaking to our car accident lawyers after you’ve been hit may keep you from making these same missteps.

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Top Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

  • You don’t call the police.

    Even if the car accident seems minor and your car is still drivable, it is of vital importance that you file a police report. This documentation will describe what happened while everything is fresh in your memory. Any witnesses to the wreck can provide assistance by giving the police their own account of the incident. Further, if the accident was not your fault, the police can cite the other driver, which will help you later on if you take your case to court.

  • You fail to exchange insurance information.

    People often decide after a minor accident to part ways without calling the police, taking pictures of any damage to their automobiles, or even exchanging insurance information. You may feel fine and your car may drive fine right after, but problems can develop days later. By then, you will be responsible for paying for any of your medical problems or issues with your car because you neglected to obtain the other driver’s information.

  • You trust the insurance company to take care of everything.

    Drivers think they should just let their insurance companies handle all aspects of the accident. While you need to report your accident, you should not allow an insurance company to settle your case without doing some work yourself. Whether the insurers represent the other driver or you, keep in mind that they are a business. Their main goal is to save their company money, not make sure you receive proper, fair compensation. You do not have to accept an insurance company’s initial settlement offer, especially if it doesn’t fully cover your damages. Consider speaking to a car accident lawyer before giving the insurance company more than general information about the accident or taking a settlement from them.

  • You decide not to go to the hospital.

    Right after an accident, your adrenaline is likely heightened, making you feel immune to pain or injuries. It’s usually a few hours – or even days – later that you may start to feel the physical effects from the wreck. That’s why it’s a good idea to go to the hospital and get checked out right after the accident. If you are injured, the hospital’s report of your medical problems will also help a case that needs to go to court.

  • You don’t seek legal help.

    Car repair bills and medical invoices can add up. It could cost you tens of thousands of dollars to recover, not to mention any mental anxiety or post-traumatic stress you can suffer from after the accident. Working with an attorney may actually get you a larger settlement offer than putting your faith in the insurance company. To make sure your financial needs have been completely covered, consider hiring an experienced car accident attorney to handle your case.

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