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Date posted
September 10, 2014

Car accidents are the number one cause of injuries and fatalities in the U.S. Besides car crashes, hundreds of people, including many in Ohio, have sustained injuries from public transportation or mass transit accidents including taxis, buses, subways and trains. When such accident happens, the potential for damages and serious injuries can be greater.

While public transportation is a convenient way to commute in the state of Ohio, mass transit accidents sometimes occur, endangering passengers and other motorists. Our law firm knows that while mass transit accidents do not occur too often, when they do happen they can have a devastating result. The hospital bills may be greater since the injuries may be more severe, and possibly require numerous surgeries, treatments and rehabilitation. Therefore, recovering and coping with these injuries can be challenging. The road to recovery may be even more emotionally challenging as well. We understand how hard it is for the victims to recover from such a tragedy and regain their normal way of life.

Fortunately, our experience in dealing with mass transit accidents can help you seek the compensation you deserve. We know that these rare mass transit accidents are usually preventable. We may review accident investigation reports in order to determine if negligence contributed to the accident and the injuries of the passengers. Our firm can look into the federal and state statutes that regulate public transportation in order to find out if the company or driver involved has a history of accidents and driving violations.

Mass transit is strictly regulated because any lapses or minor safety issues may eventually lead to catastrophic accidents. For this reason it is important for Ohio residents to learn as much as possible about the different legal firms that handle mass transit accidents, in order to secure the best possible representation.