Dangerous Road Truck Accident Attorneys in Ohio

There are numerous factors that can make any road hazardous, even for the most seasoned professional driver. If you’re injured by a negligent driver who ignored dangerous conditions, reach out to an Ohio truck accident attorney as soon as possible.


Dangerous Roads and Highways

A number of elements can contribute to a truck accident. The trucker’s actions are paramount, particularly when they face poor weather or hazardous road conditions. It takes a well-trained and experienced trucker to know how to drive in less-than-ideal conditions and avoid an accident. However, dangerous roads and highways can be too much for both newer and accomplished truckers, leading to a crash that caused you injuries.

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Elements That Create Dangerous Roads and Highways

A road can be particularly dangerous for a number of reasons. It could be designed in such a way that it presents a high risk of a crash, no matter how cautious drivers are. It could also be poorly maintained, leading to unnecessary conditions. Some road conditions that raise the risk of an accident include:

  • Narrow roads without shoulders
  • Steep drop offs at shoulders
  • Overly steep roads
  • Too narrow or sharp curves
  • Large blind spots along the road
  • Poorly lit roads
  • Other design defects
  • Inadequate signage or signals
  • Broken traffic signals
  • Lack of appropriate barriers, guardrails, or other hardware
  • Potholes or broken pavement
  • Poorly maintained construction zones
  • Other inadequate maintenance

Ohio’s Most Dangerous Roads

Every state has roads and highways that are poorly designed or in considerable need of improvement. Ohio is no different and truckers and drivers may benefit from avoiding the most dangerous sections of roads whenever possible. However, you cannot always avoid a dangerous road, intersection, merger, or highway when it is on the most obvious or only route to your destination. Just bear in mind that Ohio’s most dangerous roads include sections of I-76, I-90, I-71, I-75, and I-85. In general, the highways and freeways surrounding major cities like Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, and Akron can be dangerous due to traffic congestion.

I-75 is ranked as the fifth most dangerous highway in the U.S. based on the number of traffic-related deaths for every 100 miles. Between 2011 and 2015, this interstate saw 47.2 traffic deaths per every 100 miles. Ohio also had the greatest number of fatalities on I-75 compared to the other states it passes through. Cincinnati had the third most fatalities per city on the route followed by Toledo.

Who is Responsible for a Dangerous Road or Highway Accident?

When dangerous roads are part of the reason the accident happened, KNR will need to thoroughly investigate who is liable for compensating you for your injuries. It may be that the trucker acted negligently behind the wheel in regard to the road conditions. For instance, steep and curvy roads require truckers to move at a slower speed.

It may be that the local municipality or the state is responsible for the poor design or condition of its roads. For example, the road may be too steep for large trucks or it may have had potholes so long they are now a significant hazard. It could also be that the private business hired to design, build, or repair the road did not do its job properly and is responsible.

If the liable party is a private entity like the trucking company, design firm, or construction company, then we can seek compensation your behalf through a third-party insurance claim or personal injury suit.

If a local or state government is to blame, we may have to determine if a lawsuit is a viable option. In general, Ohio is protected from lawsuits through sovereign immunity. However, there are exceptions. Under the law, the state can be held responsible in some instances for not keeping roads in good repair or removing obstructions from public roadways.

Hazards Truckers Most Avoid in Their Routes

Truckers and trucking companies are responsible for knowing dangers they need to avoid. This often means researching routes beforehand to ensure truckers drive on appropriate roads and avoid places that they legally cannot be or where they are most likely to cause a crash.

Common hazards truckers must avoid are:

  • Low clearances
  • Roads or bridges that cannot handle heavy loads
  • Steep declines
  • Sharp turns

Knowing that these types of hazards exist, a trucker or trucking company may be responsible for your injuries if they choose not to avoid them. However, these conditions are all over the country and a trucker or their employer is not inherently negligent for driving on a steep road or through a narrow turn. You and your attorney will need additional evidence that the trucker or their employer acted in a way that increased the risk of an accident and actually did cause the crash that injured you.

Call Our Ohio Truck Accident Lawyers for Help

If you were injured in a truck accident caused by dangerous roads or highways, then call us at KNR as soon as possible. We have decades of experience handling trucking accidents, including investigating the situation to determine liability for your injuries. Whether the at-fault party is the trucker or the state of Ohio, we are ready to fight for your rights and seek the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Through a personal injury claim, we will seek to recover compensation for:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost income
  • Disfigurement
  • Physical pain
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium

In addition to investigating fault, we are well-versed in gathering evidence to support your proposition that the other party was negligent. We know the best ways to present the evidence in your favor and minimize the consequences or discredit the evidence against you. At all times, our priority will be gaining you as much compensation as we can to ensure you are able to move forward with your life after this traumatic event.

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