Passenger Van Accident Lawyers

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A passenger van is a convenient mode of transportation. But it can also be very dangerous, especially if it is overloaded or operated by an inexperienced driver. When such a vehicle collides with another, perhaps smaller car, you can suffer from devastating injuries that have far-reaching effects on every aspect of your life. If you find yourself in this situation, you should reach out to our passenger van accident lawyers right away.

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What Makes Passenger Vans Popular?

People use passenger vans for a number of reasons. They are an ideal mode of transportation for:

  • Groups of employees commuting to a meeting or special work event
  • Daycares who take children on field trips
  • Churches who transport groups to retreats
  • Nursing home or elderly care centers who take residents on outings
  • Shuttle services that run groups to the airport or sporting events

The Problems with Passenger Vans

While a passenger van is extremely useful, it must be operated appropriately, or it can be highly unsafe. Although it is technically a van, it is much bigger and longer than a car or even a minivan. One of the biggest issues with these vehicles occurs when more people or cargo are loaded in it than it is equipped for. A fully-loaded passenger van’s center of gravity shifts to the back, increasing chances of fishtailing or losing control. Even an increase from five passengers to ten can significantly increase the chances of rolling over. Older models may not be equipped with seat belts, so unrestrained passengers can be thrown from the vehicle when it crashes.

Someone with experience driving passenger vans should operate these vehicles. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Because there is no special license or training requirements, basically anyone with a regular driver’s license is allowed to drive them. They are cumbersome vehicles with an increased chance of rolling over once they are loaded up. An experienced driver will know to have passengers sit front to back, will keep the van from overloading, and will be sure to check the tires and seat belts for any flaws. More importantly, a seasoned driver will take care when driving a loaded van to decrease chances of tipping over and putting passengers at risk.

How to Stay Safe in a Passenger Van

While there are several ways to stay safe in a large van, our passenger van accident lawyers recommend the following safety tips:

  • Inspect the tires and the spare tires weekly.

    Tires that are worn, under-inflated or over-inflated can put you at risk of losing control of the van and possibly causing a rollover accident. Be diligent in following the manufacturer’s PSI requirements, as they may be different for the front tires than they are for the back tires.

  • Choose a driver that has experience driving a passenger van.

    It is just as likely that a passenger van will be involved in a one-car crash as it is to be involved in an accident involving two or more cars. A driver who has never operated a passenger van only needs to make a sudden stop, or try to turn sharply, and the van is at risk of rolling over.

  • Ensure that all passengers inside the van wear a seat belt.

    An unrestrained person riding in a passenger van is four times more likely to die in a car crash than someone riding in a minivan or other type of passenger vehicle, per a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report.

  • Don’t allow the driver to drive for more than eight hours at a time.

    Fatigued drivers have slower reaction times and thus make more mistakes.

  • Do not overfill the van.

    A passenger van is aptly named because it can contain only a certain number of passengers. If there are less than the allotted number of passengers, be sure to seat people in front of the rear axles to keep the center of gravity towards the front of the van.

  • Do not store luggage or other cargo on the roof of the van.

    This can overload the van and change the center of gravity.

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A fully-loaded passenger van is much larger than a small car. If an inexperienced van driver makes a mistake, they could send their vehicle crashing into you. Victims of these accidents can suffer from serious injuries, including broken bones, head or brain injuries, and even paralysis. When you are worried about your recovery, you should not have to be concerned about where the money for your medical bills will come from.

The passenger van accident lawyers at Kisling, Nestico & Redick agree, and they are prepared to fight for you. Our attorneys have the training and skills necessary to fight for the compensation you deserve after such a van accident. For a no-cost evaluation of your case, contact us today at 1-800-HURT-NOW.