Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Ohio

While there are many dangers that come with owning a motorcycle, such as being aware of the common causes of motorcycle accidents and taking the proper safety precautions, you can significantly reduce your risk of being in an accident while riding your bike. Read the tips below in order to learn how to ensure your safety and the safety of others while on the road.


A motorcycle accident can very easily result in serious injuries or even death. Unfortunately, these accidents are quite common and often catch victims completely off guard. You or a loved one can suddenly be subjected to a devastating accident because of another driver’s negligence. It’s important to contact a veteran Ohio motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. Many people are uncertain about their ability to recover compensation for their injuries after being injured in a crash. As motorcycle lawyers with decades of experience, we have seen many different causes of Ohio motorcycle accidents. Do not hesitate to call Kisling, Nestico & Redick to get the legal help you need after a motorcycle accident.

Ohio law provides motorcyclists with the same rights as other drivers on public roads. However, certain situations are highly dangerous for motorcycle riders. Careless or reckless drivers can easily cause a horrible accident with significant ramifications for motorcyclists. If you have been hurt because another driver forced you to lay your bike down, you have the right to seek compensation from the negligent party. However, Ohio Revised Code section 2305 only allows for legal claims to be filed within two years of an accident that caused personal injury or property damage. This statute of limitations law is meant to prevent unfair lawsuits years after the incident in question, and it requires you to not wait around before calling an attorney.

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Careless Drivers Often Fail To Notice Motorcycles

Those of us who take to the road must make sure that we are paying attention at all times when we are behind the wheel. It’s understandable for someone to be caught off guard by something suddenly entering their path, like another driver who swerves or a deer running into the road. However, drivers should always be aware of other motorists who are legally using the road, and they should know when the other driver has the right of way. If a driver is not paying attention or only making an effort for large cars or trucks, they might not see your motorcycle and could cause a horrible collision.

Scenarios where drivers may fail to notice motorcycles include:

  • Making a turn into oncoming traffic
  • Pulling out of a driveway onto a busy road
  • Failing to make a complete and proper stop at a light or stop sign
  • Making a lane change in busy traffic
  • Carelessly entering or exiting a highway on-ramp
  • Dangerously speeding around corners or sharp bends in the road
  • Recklessly driving through parking lots

Lane Sharing And Lane Splitting

Motorcycles’ narrow dimensions allow for more than one bike to easily fit within the width of a lane of traffic. Ohio law allows for two bikes to share a lane by traveling side by side. This is not considered to be particularly dangerous, and it can allow a group of motorcyclists to not be separated in heavy traffic. While legal, lane sharing can make collisions more likely if a motorcyclist is unaware of another biker’s intention to pull up beside them in their lane. If you are lane sharing with another bike, it’s important to pay close attention to turns and lane changes.

Lane splitting, on the other hand, is the act of driving in the middle of two lanes as you pass slow or stopped traffic. This is very dangerous and completely prohibited on Ohio roads. Lane splitting is not illegal in every state in the United States, and for this reason, some bikers traveling through Ohio will split two lanes of opposite traveling vehicles, unaware that they are breaking the law. Lane splitting often results in accidents such as head-on collisions, side-swipes, and being struck by opening car doors.

Defective Motorcycles And Road Hazards

While reckless drivers cause the majority of motorcycle accidents in Ohio, you can also be in a devastating wreck due to the careless actions of others who are not actually on the road. For example, accidents frequently happen between motorcyclists and objects that litter the road. Hazardous debris can be negligently left by maintenance workers, or they can fall off of vehicles that did not have their cargo properly secured. Since motorcycles do not have an exterior body like a car or truck, even a low-speed impact with a hazardous object can result in a terrible crash. If you or a motorcycle passenger were injured in an accident involving debris on the road, you may be entitled to recover damages from the party who made the road dangerous.

You can sustain a serious motorcycle accident if your bike was poorly assembled or had a defective part. Even a small vehicle failure can result in a deadly wreck. You have the right to seek damages from a negligent manufacturer or supplier who caused a bike to fail. However, these product liability suits can be very complex. Your lawyer will have to gather and review highly technical evidence in order to build a strong case for financial recovery. Of the many things that we would review in a defective motorcycle liability case, some would include:

  • Maintenance shop and product supplier records
  • Product recall history
  • Accident reconstruction data
  • Technical specifications of motorcycle parts and components
  • History of other similar motorcycle accidents

How to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

With so many causes of Ohio motorcycle accident, to avoid a collision it is necessary that you are always aware of your surroundings while riding on the road. Since you are riding a motorcycle, it is likely that those driving passenger cars will not see you since your motorcycle is smaller than their car. You can easily fit into their blind spots, which can lead to a serious car accident.

You should also always wear protective safety gear and a helmet. Motorcycle accident deaths commonly occur because riders fail to wear helmets. By always wearing a helmet, you can help ensure your safety while riding your motorcycle.

It is also important to always ride at a comfortable speed and follow the speed limits. In 2015, 33 percent of those who died in motorcycle accidents were speeding at the time.

A Lawyer Can Help You Recover Damages After A Motorcycle Accident

Devastating motorcycle accidents happen every day, and it’s very important for the victims to recover the financial compensation that they need to move on with their lives. Your accident may have happened due to various factors. Perhaps another driver was distracted, intoxicated, or speeding and failed to stop for you. Succeeding in a motorcycle accident case requires that your lawyer demonstrate exactly what happened, and show that the other party’s act of negligence was the cause of the wreck that resulted in your injuries.

Through an insurance claim or legal action, you may be entitled to receive compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Working with an insurance company can be difficult. Insurance companies typically offer unfair, low offers. To receive the best outcome for your case, you should work with an experienced Ohio motorcycle accident lawyer so they can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. With our attorneys by your side, you focus on your recovery knowing that we are handling the legal side of your case.

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Ohio’s statute of limitations law requires that all claims for personal injury be filed within two years of their occurrence, or else risk being thrown out. There are many things that must be investigated to make a strong case for damages; therefore, you should call a legal professional without delay. The motorcycle accident lawyers with KNR have considerable experience in this area and know what it takes to negotiate with insurance companies and present our clients’ cases in court. We have 11 locations throughout Ohio, including Canton, Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Toledo, and more – find a location near you. We understand how important compensation is for an injured person who may have huge medical bills and may not be able to work due to their injuries.

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