Hit-and-Run Accident Lawyers in Ohio

A hit-and-run accident, or hit skip, is when a driver is involved in a traffic accident with either a pedestrian, another car, or a fixed object, and fails to stop at the scene of the accident. If you’ve been a victim of a hit-and-run accident, call Kisling, Nestico & Redick right away.


Hit-and-Run Accidents in Ohio

Being involved in a serious car accident in Ohio can be traumatizing, but that is especially true for hit-and-runs. Hit-and-run accidents can lead to serious injuries and leave victims feeling hopeless without anyone to hold responsible. The experienced Ohio car accident attorneys at KNR can help you recover compensation for your injuries. Call us today at 1-800-HURT-NOW.

While failing to stop after an accident is a crime in every state in the U.S., nearly 11 percent of all car accidents involve a hit-and-run driver, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Criminal Charges for Hit-and-Run Accidents

In Ohio, the driver of any vehicle involved in an accident resulting in damage to real or personal property on a public highway or road has a responsibility to stop and either wait for law enforcement to arrive at the scene or provide the required information to the other driver. Failure to stop after an accident is a serious criminal offense that is punishable by incarceration, significant fines, and a driver’s license suspension. Drivers can face more severe penalties if they failed to stop after an accident that results in bodily injury or death.

How Common Are Hit-and-Run Accidents in Ohio?

Research from the NHTSA shows that hit-and-run accidents are on the rise in major U.S. cities and are responsible for approximately 1,500 deaths every year. The number of fatal hit-and-run accidents has been increasing since 2009. Alcohol is frequently a factor for drivers who fail to stop after an accident. Between 2009 and 2011, the number of fatal hit-and-run accidents increased by nearly 14 percent nationwide.

Though some hit-and-run accidents only result in property damage, many victims of hit-and-run accidents are pedestrians. The most recent data from the NHTSA reveals that one in five pedestrian fatalities are the result of hit-and-runs accidents, and 60 percent of all hit-and-run deaths are among pedestrians.

Why do Drivers Leave the Scene of an Accident?

There are a number of reasons drivers leave the scene of an accident including:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Panic
  • Driving with invalid or suspended driver’s license
  • Driving an underinsured or uninsured vehicle
  • Fear of consequences
  • Probation or criminal record
  • Outstanding warrant
  • Falling asleep behind the wheel
  • Driver was talking on cell phone or texting

If you or a loved one have suffered a serious injury due to a hit-and-run accident, the experience can be stressful and frustrating. A hit-and-run accident poses unique challenges especially if the driver who is responsible has not been identified. The experienced and compassionate Ohio personal injury lawyers at Kisling, Nestico & Redick are here to help you navigate the legal system and obtain the compensation you deserve.

Contact the Experienced Ohio Car Accident Attorneys

If you or a loved one was the victim of a hit-and-run accident, you deserve justice. The lawyers at Kisling, Nestico & Redick are here to help you determine if a lawsuit is your best course of action and fight to obtain the maximum compensation for your losses.

As one of the largest personal injury law firms in Ohio, we have what it takes to build a strong case on your behalf. Our team of skilled and compassionate personal injury lawyers has extensive knowledge of the insurance claims process and the experience necessary to process your case quickly and successfully.

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