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Date posted
October 1, 2014

Truck accidents are common throughout the United States and are often tragic. Whether a truck accident happens in another state, or in Summit, Ohio, it emphasizes the fact that the safety of the public from truck accidents is still at risk on American roadways. The potential impact of a truck accident on the overall safety of motorists is even greater when negligence plays a part.

Take, for example, the personal injury claim filed against an Ohio truck company. According to sources, Conley Trucking and Delmas Conley Trucking of Ohio, Inc., together with a truck driver, are named defendants in a lawsuit filed in connection with a truck accident. The incident happened on June 26, 2013, in another state where a tractor-trailer was traveling at the time. Reportedly, the commercial truck, which belongs to the Ohio trucking company, was driving north on W. Va. 2 when it changed lanes to pass another vehicle. The accident victim was attempting to go south on the same road at the same time. The result was a collision with the tractor-trailer. Court documents stated that the driver of the tractor-trailer applied his breaks and veered off to avoid collision. The truck driver lost control of the truck and hit the accident victim’s vehicle, as well as the car he was trying to pass. As a result, the accident victim suffered serious injuries. The victim has accused the trucking company and truck driver of negligence.

Commercial trucks typically occupy a large portion of the road. Compared with other small vehicles that can successfully pass another car, trucks should not do that because of the danger that they pose to other motorists. Safety is the primary obligation of truck drivers when driving because any contact with other vehicles can potentially result in damages, serious injuries and fatalities.

In truck accident cases that involve a commercial truck, the truck company is often scrutinized. Truck companies can also be found liable for accidents, particularly if it is proved that the truck driver operates the truck negligently.

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