Can I Collect Compensation Beyond Policy Limits?

There are multiple ways you and your lawyer can work to recover compensation beyond an insurance company’s policy limits. Reach out to an experienced Ohio personal injury lawyer at KNR today to discuss your legal options.


If you or someone in your family suffers a serious injury in an accident caused by another person, your recovery time may necessitate missing out on work and receiving expensive medical attention. The legal system allows for you to recover compensation in order to get your life back to where it should be, but given the extent of your damages, you may be wondering, “Can I collect injury compensation beyond the insurance policy limits?”

You are not bound by the negligent party’s policy limits, and you can seek compensation beyond that. The options that you may have will be determined by the details of your case, and our experienced Ohio personal injury lawyers can help you recover the amount of damages to which you are entitled. For more information about personal injury cases, visit our personal injury FAQ.

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Taking Action Against Additional Defendants

It’s extremely common for medical costs in a car accident to exceed $25,000, which is the state’s required minimum liability coverage that drivers must have for bodily injuries that they cause. In injuries that do not involve motor vehicle accidents, the negligent party may have no insurance coverage or insufficient coverage for the injuries that they cause. However, many times there is more than one party responsible for an accident, and we can seek to recover damages from other liable parties if they are also in part responsible for your injuries.

Additional defendants in personal injury cases can include:

  • The mechanic or another professional who left the defendant’s car in an unsafe state for driving on the road.
  • In a medical malpractice case, the hospital or employer of your liable doctor can also hold liability for having failed to take certain precautions to help prevent your injury.
  • In a premises liability case, the owner or occupier of the location where you were injured could be liable since they failed to take reasonable precautions to make the location safe for guests.

You May Be Able To Collect Damages From An Umbrella Policy

A defendant in your case may have an umbrella policy, which is a term used to describe a policy that essentially covers all other policies that they might have as well. For example, a company might have an umbrella policy of $100,000 on top of a $25,000 liability policy. In this case, we would likely be able to seek the full $125,000 for your damages. These umbrella policies are sometimes held by private individuals, but they are also common for large businesses and corporations.

Your attorney can determine if there are any umbrella policies that apply to your case and can be brought into your suit in order to help you recover.

You Have The Option To Sue The Liable Party Beyond Their Insurance Coverage

If the policy limits of the liable person cover your damages, then you can simply focus on collecting what you can from the insurance company. However, since this might not be the case, you have the option to exercise your right to personally sue the individual or people whose negligence caused your accident.

Filing a lawsuit against someone whose insurance coverage is not sufficient will not always be successful since many people will not have enough assets or income to pay for your damages. You and your lawyer will have to review your needs after an accident and determine if the liable person has enough money at their disposal to make a personal lawsuit worth your time and expense.

Some Insurance Companies Handle An Injured Person’s Case In Bad Faith

Many times, the policy limits might be enough to help an injured person during their recovery, but they may not receive a sufficient settlement offer from the insurance company. If this happens, you may feel the need to look elsewhere for compensation, but your lawyer may also be able to sue the insurance company on the grounds that they are negotiating in bad faith when they could easily give you the compensation you need while staying within the limits. Insurance companies are required to negotiate in good faith with an injured person, and therefore take into account all the details of the case. If they are not and refuse to settle for a reasonable amount, they can be sued for the policy limits and more in some situations.

A strong case for damages can make it easy to identify an insurance company that is not acting in good faith toward someone who clearly needs reasonable compensation for their injuries. As your legal counsel, we can help illustrate your damages to the insurance company and court by providing specifics regarding:

  • The amount of money you owe in medical bills
  • The lost wages that you have suffered from being out of work
  • The lost earning potential that your injury has caused
  • The property damages that you suffered as a result of your accident

Kisling, Nestico & Redick Can Help You

Injured people facing an insurance company often ask, “Can I collect injury compensation beyond the insurance policy limits?” Collecting more than a policy limit is possible if your injuries require more compensation, but each case offers its own challenges in doing so. A skilled lawyer can make sure that you are pursuing the best course of action when working to collect damages that can properly provide for you and your family during your time of need.

Our Ohio personal injury lawyers at Kisling, Nestico & Redick know how to help you after a serious accident. To speak with an experienced lawyer, contact us today at 1-800-HURT-NOW to set up a free case consultation.

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