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Date posted
May 30, 2014

Busses are an integral part of transportation. Some buses are used for tours; others, like school buses, play a bigger role in the daily lives of Summit, Ohio, residents. Just like any other motor vehicle, buses are subject to traffic regulations in order to promote safety. When drivers as well as operators fail to follow such regulations, it can result in a bus accident.

A bus crash that has received a lot of attention emphasizes the need to follow safety regulations. Surveillance video caught the incident in its entirety, as a school bus failed to yield to a stop sign and collided with a smaller bus. The smaller bus ended up on its side next to a day care center.

A seven-year-old girl was a passenger of one of the buses during the accident. The girl was pulled to safety by a concerned citizen, who heard the impact of the collision. During the rescue, the girl’s bus was leaking gas.

The girl sustained a head wound.

Following the accident, one of the bus drivers was suspended. The suspended driver was also tested for alcohol and drug impairment; the test results were negative.

As much as impairment plays a factor in many bus accidents, failure to follow safety regulations can be as dangerous as well. When a bus takes to the road, it is not only the safety of the bus driver and their passengers on the line, but the safety of other motorists as well. So it is always best to be extra cautious. Bus operators should also properly train their drivers and keep their vehicle well-maintained. Otherwise, they can be held liable by an injured Summit, Ohio resident if an accident occurs.

Source:, “School Bus Runs Stop Sign And Slams Into Smaller Bus,” May 22, 2014