Car Accidents: 1 Dead, 6 Injured in Ohio T-Bone Crash | KNR
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Date posted
July 1, 2015

The Ohio Highway Patrol was called to a horrific accident on Old U.S. 35 on a recent Tuesday afternoon. They arrived at the scene to find six injured victims and one fatality — some had been ejected from their vehicles. The road had to be closed in both directions to allow for clean-up and investigating. This proved to be one of those car accidents that presented many questions, and details changed as the investigation progressed.

It was determined that one vehicle entered the highway from a side road without stopping at the stop sign and caused a T-bone collision with a vehicle that was traveling on the motorway. However, there was some confusion about which one of the vehicles entered the highway without stopping. It was subsequently established that the car with five occupants was the one that failed to stop.

Officers also determined that the one person who died in this accident was an occupant of that vehicle. Although officers were initially unsure of who the driver was, it was eventually established that the deceased person was the driver, who may have been at fault. His four passengers, along with the driver and passenger of the other car, were all transported to hospitals by road and air, and it was reported that none of the injuries were life-threatening.

With sufficient evidence of negligence by the deceased driver, all the injured victims may pursue compensation for medical expenses. They have the right to file personal injury claims in an Ohio civil court. Claims are typically filed against the drivers who are deemed responsible for car accidents. If a negligent driver dies in the crash, his or her estate may be named as the defendant when personal injury claims are filed.