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When someone’s negligence causes another’s untimely death, the surviving family members should speak with an experienced attorney about a possible wrongful death claim. While nothing can fill the void left by your loss, this may provide some closure and financial relief. To speak with the Canton wrongful death lawyers with KNR, contact us today.

When a person dies because of another’s negligence or intentional harm, this is considered a wrongful death.

Wrongful death claims are typically brought by a representative of the victim’s estate. They allow the deceased to seek remuneration for loss of life and additional damages on behalf of the family or other affected parties.

No matter the situation, a wrongful death outcome is a tragic and irreversible loss. Through a representative, the deceased victim can often recoup damages through a wrongful death lawsuit. This includes medical and funeral expenses or intangible things like lost wages or companionship.

If you have experienced death in your family caused by someone else, call our Canton wrongful death attorneys at (330) 488-1234 or contact us via our online contact form to schedule a free initial consultation.

Examples of Wrongful Death Situations

When a victim who would otherwise have a personal injury claim is killed because of an intentionally harmful act or negligence, this constitutes a wrongful death claim. This can happen in multiple ways, in different circumstances, and often as the result of some person or party’s gross negligence.

Some of the leading examples of wrongful or accidental death include:

Typically, workplace injuries that result in death are handled exclusively through the worker’s compensation system. However, there may be opportunities to seek additional damages depending on the circumstances.

Primary Causes of Unintentional Death Injuries

According to the CDC, accidents accounted for 169,936 deaths last year. this makes accidents the thrid leading cause of death and include:

  • Motor Vehicle Crashes
  • Poisoning
  • Falls
  • Suffocation

Some of the most life-threatening injuries from unintentional situations involve spinal cord injuries and head injuries related to falls, crashes, or other accidents. Often, this affects the brain, causing severe trauma and, in the most serious cases, death.

Treatment for Severe Injuries

Canton, Ohio is home to a number of leading health care facilities that can treat severe personal injury victims. Mercy Medical Center in Canton, as well as Aultman Hospital just south of the city, both specialize in trauma and emergency care for personal injury victims. If the medical outcome of the personal injuries is not favorable, a number of funeral homes in the Canton area can help ensure the proper care and burial of your loved one.

Wrongful Death Damages

Though the deceased party cannot take advantage of remuneration for damages, their family and surviving estate can seek compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit. Common accidental death damage recovery includes:

  • The victim’s pre-death pain and suffering, known as a survival claim
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Medical costs that the deceased victim incurred as a result of the injury prior to death
  • Loss of expected income
  • Lost inheritance
  • Loss of care, guidance, and nurturing
  • Loss of love and companionship
  • Value of the services the victim would have provided

At KNR, we have decades of experience and a record of success in wrongful death claims. For instance, we recovered $150,000 for the family of a pedestrian killed by an impaired driver.

We can discuss the options available and how to best recover all the compensation you deserve.

Our Canton Wrongful Death Attorneys Can Help You

Wrongful death cases are not the only issues for which our legal team at Kisling, Nestico & Redick can help you seek remuneration. Ohio personal injury attorneys at KNR deal with cases involving automobile accidents, rideshare incidents, medical malpractice, and workplace accidents.

With offices in 11 Ohio locations, our Canton wrongful death lawyers deal with a wide variety of litigation issues and can help address your personal injury questions.

If you have any questions regarding cases, call our Canton personal injury attorneys at (330) 488-1234 or contact us via our online contact form to schedule a free initial consultation.

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