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If you hurt your hip in an accident, the Akron hip injury lawyers at Kisling, Nestico & Redick can help.

Hip injuries are common and unfortunately affect people of all ages. The hip joint is a complex ball-and-socket joint that supports the weight of the body and is responsible for the movement of the upper leg, controlling functions like walking, sitting, and jumping. When something happens to it, it impacts our lives monumentally. Unexpected falls, whether outside a store or inside the home, vehicle accidents, and work-place accidents can produce a variety of hip injuries, and some can be extremely serious.
If you are experiencing any form of hip injury from a workplace accident, sporting event, slip and fall, or negligence, Akron injury attorneys at Kisling, Nestico & Redick have years of experience to help you file for compensation and navigate through the complex legal system, helping you secure your future recovery.

Causes and Types of Hip Injuries

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center focuses on hip conditions and describes some of them:

  • Labral tears – This involves tears in the cartilage located on the rim or edge of the joint socket.
  • Hip dysplasia – This is the misalignment of the hip socket or misshapen hip joint often the result of falls or vehicle accidents.
  • Hip bursitis – This is inflammation of the fluid-filled sacs padding the hip joint which leads to hip impingement and swelling.
  • Hip fracture – This can often occur in motor vehicle accidents and is also known as a fractured pelvis as the hip is part of your pelvic bones.
  • Acetabular fracture – This includes fracture in the socket of the ball and socket hip joint and occurs in motor vehicle accidents or falls from great heights.

Although Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center focuses on hip preservation and runs programs to help people avoid larger hip procedures later in life, some hip injuries need immediate surgery and treatments. These types of injuries typically occur from:

  • Motor vehicle accidents, including motorcycles and trucks
  • Sport accidents, including football and impact-related sports
  • Falls, in the home and outside. The elderly are often the victims of hip injuries from falls.
  • Osteoarthritis

Hip injuries, whether occurring at home or at work, are serious and may very well keep you out of work for months at a time or even permanently. Hip injuries can take a long time to heal and during that time you may find yourself with very limited mobility. They can often require long hospital stays and ongoing physical therapy.

If you are in this situation you may be entitled to some compensation. Akron hip injury lawyers have vast experience dealing with all kinds of hip injuries and can help you secure your future by navigating the legal system and helping you to receive the compensation you deserve and the medical attention you will need.

Common Solutions to Hip Injuries

Nonsurgical: This is the first step and involves physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medicine, and potentially ultrasound-guided injections of steroids and pain relievers. There are also newer platelet-rich plasma injections and bone marrow injection options.

Surgical: Hip arthroscopy uses a small scope and cameras through a series of holes and is used to repair hip labral tears and cartilage repair. It can also be used to realign hip impingement. Recovery time is fairly quick, but can still take several months before being able to be reasonably mobile. For more athletic sports, it can take up to six months before being able to have full dynamic mobility.

Hip replacement: This mostly occurs among older patients. It is an invasive process and just like any serious surgical procedure requires a great deal of recovery time. The patient’s original hip is replaced with an artificial one. A very common reason for hip replacement surgeries in Ohio is the breakdown of joint cartilage, known as osteoarthritis.

Seeking Compensation after a Hip Injury

Receiving treatment for a serious hip injury can take time and recovery can take months. It can often involve complicated surgeries and be extremely painful. In order to make a complete recovery, you need rehabilitation, medication, and ongoing hospital or specialist check-ups. You will most likely not be able to work during this time, so it is easy to see how costs add up.

The Akron hip injury lawyers at KNR have years of experience helping Ohio-based hip injury victims gain financial compensation and physical and psychological support. If you are suffering from a hip injury sustained in an automobile accident, sports event, or through the actions or negligence of another person or entity, you may wish to file a personal injury lawsuit and/or claim workers’ compensation.

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